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Archived Newsflashes: 2009

22 New Streamlined Process for Upcoming ARRA Quarterly Report Deadline 12/11/2009
21 Effort Reporting Message from Vice Provost Randy Hall 12/10/2009
20 Steps Need to Be Taken Due to NIH Application Changes 12/10/2009
19 New Shorter NIH Applications Required for January Deadlines 11/22/2009
18 American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Quarterly Reporting 09/30/2009
17 PARiS User Names and Passwords Issued 08/10/2009
16 Grants.Gov Website Offers New Feature 08/03/2009
15 NSPIRES Change for Proposal Submission 08/03/2009
14 Introducing PARiS 06/14/2009
13 National Science Foundation Using Fastlane Only 05/22/2009
12 Error Correction Window Extended for Electronic Applications 04/24/2009
11 ARRA Administrative Supplements and Competitive Revisions 04/03/2009
10 Allowable Salary Levels on Career Awards Supported by Nat. Cancer Instit. 04/03/2009
09 ARRA Information Available on DCG Website 03/31/2009
08 NSF Recently Released Key Elements of Recovery Act Implementation 03/25/2009
07 NIH: Supplemental Funding Opportunities Available for Recovery Act Funds 03/18/2009
06 Fly America Act Amended for NSF Travelers Supported Under Grants 03/16/2009
05 ARRA Agency Specific Websites 03/04/2009
04 NIH Restores Error Correction Window 03/02/2009
03 Implementation of Significant Changes in NIH Peer Review Process 02/04/2009
02 Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Listserv Questions 02/03/2009
01 Reminder from NIH on Financial Conflict of Interest Req 01/23/2009

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