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Associates Award for Artistic Expression

Nomination Deadline: October 30, 2015. Please send a pdf of all nomination materials to email materials to


The Associates Awards for Artistic Expression are the highest honors the university faculty can bestow on its members for outstanding contributions in the world of the arts.

The award recognizes the achievements of outstanding faculty whose artistic works have had a significant and lasting impact. Artistic expression includes work done in the visual arts (e.g., cinema, painting, sculpture), the performing arts (e.g., dance, theatre, musical performance), literature (e.g., poetry, fiction, playwriting) and architecture. Note that the examples provided are not meant to be exhaustive. Nominees should have spent a significant period of time at USC.

Eligibility for the Associates Award includes full-time, tenure and non-tenure track faculty with at least six years of service at USC. Nomination applications remain active for three years, and a department may have more than one nominee for the award each year.

Nomination Guidelines
1. Nominations should be submitted in a letter not exceeding 1,000 words. Include the nominee’s name, title and office address. Enclose the candidate’s updated curriculum vitae, including publications, exhibitions, artworks, performances, etc.

a) Summarize the candidate’s artistic accomplishments. Explain succinctly in what ways the nominee’s contributions are exceptional.
b) Summarize the candidate’s specific accomplishments at USC.
c) Provide a detailed description of the nominee’s work. Submit two or three samples of work that represent the candidate’s special contributions and artistic impact. Mention any significant involvement of others in the submitted work.

2. Submit external materials that demonstrate the artistic impact of the candidate’s work (i.e., critical essays, reviews, etc.) or other materials related to exhibition, performances, recitals, screenings, etc.

Nominations will be evaluated by a committee of distinguished faculty appointed by the Provost.
Nominations will be considered for a period of three years.

If you have any questions, please contact Robin Romans.