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Previous Associates Award for Creativity in Research Recipients

2016 Recipients of The Associates Award for Creativity in Research

Eileen Crimmins, Gerontology
Eileen Crimmins is the AARP Professor of Gerontology, USC Davis School of Gerontology, and is the director of the USC/UCLA Center on Biodemography and Population Health, one of the Demography of Aging Centers supported by the U.S. National Institute on Aging. She is also the Director of the Multidisciplinary Training in Gerontology Program and the NIA-sponsored Network on Biological Risk. Crimmins received the Robert W. Kleemeier Award for Research from the Gerontological Society of America and was named one of the World’s Most Influential Minds in Social Sciences by worldwide media and information firm Thomson Reuters. Much of Crimmins’ research has focused on changes over time in health and mortality. She has been instrumental in organizing and promoting the recent integration of the measurement of biological indicators in large population surveys and recently served as co-chair of a Committee for the National Academy of Sciences to address why life expectancy in the U.S. is falling so far behind that of other countries. Crimmins’ work on aging and biodemography has dramatically advanced scientific understanding of the subtle ways in which the fundamental causes of disease, such as poverty, influence aging and age-related disease. She co-edited several books with a focus on international aging, mortality and health expectancy: Determining Health Expectancies; Longer Life and Healthy Aging; Human Longevity, Individual Life Duration, and the Growth of the Oldest-old Population, among many others. Crimmins is a member of the Institute of Medicine and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Jed Fuhrman, College
Jed Fuhrman holds the Mc Culloch-Crosby Chair in Marine Biology and is Professor of Biological Sciences, Department of Marine Environmental Biology at the Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Additionally, Fuhrman has been an Editor of Aquatic Microbial Ecology, one of the premier journals in the field, for over a decade and currently serves on the editorial board of ISME Journal, of the high impact Macmillan/ Nature family of journals. Fuhrman revolutionized our understanding of marine food webs by showing the importance of the natural populations of marine bacteria in the processing of much of the organic matter that is produced by marine phytoplankton. This is a critical factor in understanding the role of the oceans in the interaction and regulation of atmospheric CO2. He is currently exploring global marine microbial biodiversity with molecular biological techniques, which has enabled him to identify major new taxonomic groups and make better estimates of the total diversity found in these communities and its role in ecosystem function. His team has discovered a major new group of Archaea inhabiting the deep sea and other novel microbial groups in coral reefs and other ocean habitats. Recently, his lab has determined patterns in diversity that help show how microorganisms interact as a complex network. In the public health realm, his team has helped to link cases of illness to exposure to microbial and viral pathogens in the coastal zone.

Previous Recipients

Vanessa Schwartz, College
Martin Gundersen, Engineering

Manuel Castells, Communication
Milind Tambe, Engineering

Yves DeClerck, Pediatrics
Peter Mancall, History

Antonio Damasio, Neuroscience
Alan Willner, Engineering

Thomas Jordan, Earth Sciences
Ruth Weisberg, Fine Arts

Mark Humayun, Ophthalmology & Biomedical Engineering
Priya Vashishta, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Physics & Astronomy

Edward J. McCaffery, Law
P. Daniel Dapkus, Engineering

Nicos Petasis, Chemistry
Nicholas Warner, Physics

Cheng-Ming Choung, Pathology
Mark Thompson, Chemistry

Theodore Berger, Biomedical Engineering
David James, Critical Studies

Stephen Hartke, Music
Larry Swanson, Biological Sciences, Psychology & Neurology

Terence Langdon, Engineering
Elyn Saks, Law

Adrian Raine, Psychology
John E. Wills, Jr., Chinese History

Barry Glassner, Sociology
Charles G. Sammis, Geophysics/Materials Science

Myron F. Goodman, Molecular Biology
William H. Steier, Electrical Engineering

G.K. Surya Prakash, Chemistry
Richard F. Thompson, Psychology & Biological Sciences

Irving Biederman, Letters, Arts and Sciences
Jean C. Shih,  Pharmacy

Dagmar Barnouw, Letters, Arts and Sciences
Michael Lai, Microbiology

Malcolm W. Klein, Letters, Arts and Sciences
Joseph Aoun, Letters, Arts and Sciences

Leonard Adleman, Computer Science
Malcolm Pike, Preventive Medicine

Richard N. Bergman, Physiology & Biophysics
Marsha Kinder, Cinema Television

Judith Resnik, Law
Elsa Garmire, Electrical Engineering

Aki, Kei, Geological Sciences
Micheal J. Dear, Geography

Susskind, Miram M., Molecular Biology
Michael S.Waterman, Biological Sciences

Vern L. Bengston, Gerontology
Melvin A. Breuer, Electrical Engineering

Larry R. Dalton, Chemistry
Joshua S. Goldstein, International Relations

Lois W. Banner, S.W.M.S.
Edward E. Lawler III, Business Administration

William F. Benedict, Pediatrics
Irving S. Reed, Electrical Engineering

Shaul G. Massry, Medicine
Daniel Pollack, Music

Christopher A. Reed, Chemistry
James N. Rosenau, International Relations

Caleb E. Finch, Gerontology
George A. Olah, Chemistry

Sydner W. Benson, Chemistry
Kazumi Maki, Physics

Peter A. Jones, Biological Chemistry
Curt F. Wittig, Physics

Jackson I. Cope, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Charles Heidelberger, Medicine

James O’Toole, Management & Organization
Arieh Warshel, Chemistry

Charles Ritcheson, History
Harold C. Slavkin, Dentistry
Christopher D. Stone, Law

Robert Bau, Chemistry
James E. Birren, Psychology

Samuel P. Bessman, Pharmacology & Nutrition
Otto O. Schnepp, Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Philip J. Stephens, Chemistry

Robert W. Hellwarth, Electrical Engineering
Charles A. McClelland, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Hershel Parker, Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Richard C. Dales, History
Sally F. Moore, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Peter K. Vogt, Microbiology

Donald J. Greene, English
Howard S. Taylor, Chemistry

Arnold Dunn, Biological Sciences
A. Lloyd Moote, History

Lucien A. Bavetta, Dentistry
Sergio P. S. Porto, Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Arthur W. Adamson, Chemistry
Max F. Schulz, English

William W. Grings, Psychology
William G. Spitzer, Physics, Astronomy, Electrophysics

Arnold F. Brodie, Biological Sciences
Solomon W. Golomb, Electrical Engineering/Systems

Orville L. Bandy, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
John T. Waterman, Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Francis Christensen, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Olga Hartman, Biological Sciences

Colin R. Lovell, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Bruce R. McElderry, Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Bruce R. Anton, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
J. P. Giulford, Letters, Arts and Sciences

Herbert Busemann, Letters, Arts, and Sciences
John L. Webb, Pharmacology

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