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CORES- Core Ordering and Reporting Enterprise System

CORES supports reservation, tracking, billing and payment for services and goods supplied by core labs and other research recharge centers. Once users are set up, any core-related charges for products and services can be tracked, reviewed, billed and paid by using CORES on the web.

Login to CORES:
For login in assistance, contact or call 213-740-6709

Cores using the system:

Recharge Centers: Short Name:
Animal Core AC
Bioreagent and Cell Culture Bioreagent
Center for Electron Microscopy and   Microanalysis CEMMA
Cancer Center Photocopy CPT
Cancer Research Informatics Core CRIC
Center for Electron Microscopy and   Microanalysis Cell and Imaging
Center for Photonic Technology Copier
Department of Animal Resources DAR
Molecular Genomics/ DNA Oligo DNA Oligo
Molecular Genomics/ DNA Sequencing DNA Sequencing
Diabetes and Obesity Institute Research DORI
USC Flow Cytometry Core Facility FCCF
Molecular Genomics/Genomics Genomics
Cancer Center Glassware Glassware
Histology Laboratory Histology
Immune Monitoring Core IM
Microscopy Core Imaging
Lentiviral Core Laboratory Lenti
Metabolic Assay Core for Diabetes and   Obesity Research Institute MAC
Dornsife/Viterbi College Machine Shop MACH
Molecular and Cell Biology Support Core MCB
Molecular Genomics/ Methylation Methylation Core
USC Center of Excellence for Molecular   Characterization Molecular Characterizatio
Transgenic Rodent Core Facility Mouse Core
Multiphoton Microscopy Core Multiphoton Micro
NCCC Bioinformatics Core NCCC Bioinfo
Non-Parenchymal Liver Cell Core NPLCC
NanoBiophysics Core Nano Biophysics
Proteomics Core Pro Core
Spatial Sciences Institute Services SSI Services
Translational Pathology Core/ Population   Based Tis Slide Tissue
Molecular Imaging Center – Small Animal   Imaging Small Animal Imaging
Translational Imaging Center TIC
Translational Pathology Core Facility/ATA TPCF/ATA
Translational Research Laboratory TRLab
UPC Genome & Cytometry Core UPC Genome
USC Stem Cell Core – Services USC SCC
Video Tracking Core VTC

COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS: We encourage and value comments and/or suggestions provided by USC end-users. CORES is an open-software application developed and maintained by Vanderbilt University. Any comments/suggestions received by the Office of Research will be forwarded to Vanderbilt for their appraisal.
Submit your comments to:, with the subject line: “CORES Comment

Additional Information:
CORES FAQ – top questions
Quick Guides
Training Videos
Vanderbilt CORES Website


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