University of Southern California


DE-FOA-0001010 — U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Office of Basic Energy Sciences – Energy Frontier Research Centers

Slots:                                                     Two                                      
Nomination per School:               Two
Proposals may not be submitted directly by the PI; nominations are submitted by the School’s Research Dean’s Office.    

LOI:                            November 13, 2013 (REQUIRED)                              
Internal Deadline:                           October 18, 2013
External Deadline:                          January 9, 2014

Award Information:                        Type:  New and renewal
Estimated Number of Awards: The exact number of awards will depend on the number of meritorious applications and the availability of appropriated funds. DOE reserves the right to fund, in whole or in part, any, all, or none of the applications submitted in response to this FOA.
Anticipated Amount: DOE anticipates that award sizes will range from $2,000,000 per year to $4,000,000 per year. The award size will depend on the merit review, the number of meritorious applications, and the availability of appropriated funds. Up to 5 years

Materials to Office of Research: Single Page Proposal Summary (0.5” margins; single-spaced; font type: Arial, Helvetica, or Georgia typeface; font size: 11 pt).CV – (4 pages maximum)

Link to Award:

Purpose: To implement the collective scientific recommendations of the reports described above and to stimulate frontier energy research in a new era of science, the Office of Basic Energy Sciences is seeking new and renewal applications for Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs). EFRCs bring together the skills and talents of multiple investigators to enable fundamental research of a scope and complexity that would not be possible with a standard individual investigator or small-group research project. As such, the EFRCs strengthen and complement the portfolio of single investigator and small group research projects supported within BES core research areas, as well as larger scale R&D activities supported by the DOE Energy Innovation Hubs such as the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis and the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research.

Note: The purpose of the EFRC program does not include construction (including new buildings or additions to existing building), and costs for such activities will not be funded by awards resulting from this FOA.