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Writing Winning Proposals

Course Description

This 3-session workshop is targeted to faculty who are currently writing or resubmitting a proposal. The workshop covers writing strategies that show participants hot to persuasively address funder requirements and highlight research innovations and merits. Topics include developing a research plan, drafting proposal sections (selecting, organizing, and summarizing key points), revising draft (using passive/active voice, sentence-level editing), and developing effective graphics. The workshop features short lectures on writing strategies, analysis of sample proposal sections, writing practice, and peer review. Participants are asked to submit a questionnaire and proposal summary prior to session 1.


Bonnie Kilgore Lund, professional grantwriter and owner, The Writing Company


Three 2-hour sessions, meeting every 2 weeks. Offered once each semester.

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To register, please RSVP at least one week prior to the first class via email, indicating the course(s) you are attending, to

For information about workshops, contact the office at 213-740-6709.