University of Southern California


Kuali Coeus Pre-Award Training

The Department of Contracts and Grants (DCG) is committed to supporting USC Investigators by assuring timely submission of complete and accurate proposals that have the best chance possible of success in the sponsor review process. To underscore this endeavor, DCG will be continually developing guidance in order to foster better development and submission of proposals in Kuali Coeus, the University’s proposal development, routing and submission system.  Click below to review each guide.

Training Guide  Guide Details Release Date
Proposal Development Checklist  9 Pages  6/01/2014
Proposal Development Guide  42 Pages  6/01/2014
Introduction to eDocs  3 Pages  7/24/2014
Introduction to the Action List  3 Pages  7/24/2014
Starting a Proposal  3 Pages  7/24/2014
Searching for a Proposal  2 Pages  7/24/2014
Certifying a Proposal  2 Pages  7/24/2014
Approving a Proposal  2 pages  7/24/2014
Disapproving a Proposal  3 pages  7/24/2014
Adding Subawards to a Proposal  1 Page  7/24/2014
Proposal Routing Guide  2 Pages  7/24/2014
Adding Non-Employee Key Persons  3 Pages  6/01/2014
Requesting New Subaward Organizations  1 Page  6/01/2014
Requesting New Sponsors  1 Page  6/01/2014
TARA FAQ  6 Pages  7/24/2014