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Proposal Preparation

DCG Service Commitment for Proposal Review and Submission

We are committed to supporting USC Investigators by assuring timely submission of complete and accurate proposals that have the best chance possible of success in the sponsor review process. To succeed in this goal, DCG announces a Service Commitment for Proposal Review and Submission, including an enhanced review for deadline and a simplified Proposal Approval Record (PAR).

DCG Service Commitment for Proposal Review and Submission

Sponsor Guidelines

Most of the federal sponsors, as well as many of the private ones, have specific guidelines for proposal preparation, which include formatting instructions, page limitations, and detailed directions concerning the content of the proposals and the budget format. Most of these application kits are either available or may be ordered through the Department of Contracts and Grants.

Sponsor Forms

Requests for Proposals

Sponsors often issue Request for Proposals (RFPs) when they are looking for contractors to do specific, well-defined work of some kind. RFPs contain very detailed instructions as to proposal and budget preparation, as well as representations and certifications, and proposed contract clauses that must be reviewed at the proposal stage. If a response to an RFP is planned, it is important to provide the Department of Contracts and Grants with a copy of the RFP well in advance of the deadline date to allow for completion of the administrative requirements and for review and comment on any proposed contractual language.

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