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RFA-AI-13-054 – NIH Resources to Assist Investigations in Primary Immunodeficiency Disease (U24)

Slots:                                                     One per Institution                        
Nomination per School:               One
Proposals may not be submitted directly by the PI; nominations are submitted by the School’s Research Dean’s Office.    

LOI:                                                        March 17, 2014 (Not Required)                 
Internal Deadline:                           February 10, 2014
External Deadline:                          April 17, 2014
Award Information:                        Type:  New/Renewal
Estimated Number of Awards: The NIAID intends to commit $600,000 in total costs in FY 2015 to fund a single (1) award.  Future year amounts will depend on annual appropriations.
Anticipated Amount: Application budgets are limited to $600,000 in total costs per year, including consortium F&A.           Applicants may request a project period of up to five years.

Materials to Office of Research: Single Page Proposal Summary (0.5” margins; single-spaced; font type: Arial, Helvetica, or Georgia typeface; font size: 11 pt). CV – (4 pages maximum)

Link to Award:

Purpose: The purpose of this funding opportunity announcement (FOA) is to maintain, improve, and develop the Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases Research Resources (PIDDRR), which are currently provided by the United States Immunodeficiency Network (USIDNET).  The resources and activities fall into three broad categories:

These resources and activities may be expanded and additional reagents and other materials may be developed under an award made in response to this FOA to support research on primary immunodeficiency diseases.

Research Objectives

PIDDRR Registry Activities

The current registry securely collects, maintains, and provides to qualified researchers information on individuals with primary immunodeficiencies, including:

The registry had 3,025 patients enrolled as of the end of 2012.