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American Diabetes Association – Pathway

Slots:                                                     One      
Institutions may nominate a maximum of one investigator per grant cycle. The nomination can be in one of the Pathway award types:

LOI:                                                        NA                         
Internal Deadline:                           May 11, 2015; 5pm
External Deadline:                          July 1, 2015
Award Information:                        Pathway awards provide up to $1.625 million per award in combined salary and project support. The Association expects to support between four and six applicants from the 2015 award competition, with grants commencing in January 2016.

Submission Process:                     PIs must submit their application utilizing the Office of Research’s
Application Portal:

Link to Award:

Purpose: With 29.1 million Americans living with diabetes and nearly 86 million more at increased risk of developing the disease, diabetes is a tremendous physical and financial burden for the nation. Despite the disease’s epidemic proportions, diabetes research is still critically underfunded. Although researchers have made significant strides against the disease, funding is vital to making continued and accelerated progress.

To accelerate the research needed to discover solutions and ultimately cure this deadly epidemic, the

American Diabetes Association has launched a bold initiative, Pathway to Stop Diabetes, to inspire a new generation of diabetes researchers. Pathway will provide crucial support to individuals focusing on innovative ideas and transformational approaches that will lead to ground-breaking discoveries in diabetes prevention, treatment and cures.

Pathway will support creative scientists early in their diabetes research careers, or investigators who are established in other disciplines but would like to expand their focus to diabetes research. Through awards of $1.625 million over the course of up to seven years, the program will provide researchers the freedom, autonomy, time and focus needed to explore new ideas.

Pathway will consider applications directed toward topics relevant to the prevention, treatment and cure of all diabetes types (type 1, type 2 and gestational), diabetes-related disease states (obesity, pre-diabetes, and other insulin resistant states) and diabetes complications. The program intends to attract individuals with a broad range of expertise in various science and technology disciplines, including medicine, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and physics to the field of diabetes research.

Pathway award competitions will be held on an annual basis, with grant submissions accepted through institutional nominations only. The Association intends to support between four and six grants from the 2015 competition.

The Pathway program is highly competitive. Over the first two years of the program, the overall success rate for applications to the program has been approximately 5%. Success rates vary significantly depending on award mechanism, with Visionary (previously Accelerator New to Diabetes) being the most competitive with only a 2% success rate, Accelerator (previously Accelerator Early Investigator) with a 5% success rate and Initiator with a 14% success rate.

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