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NEH – Dialogues on the Experience of War

Slots:                                                     3                             

Internal Deadline:                           Contact the Office of Research if interested.

LOI:                                                        Letters of reference to be included in final application.                

External Deadline:                          November 2, 2017, 5pm PDT

Award Information:                        Type:  Grant

Estimated Number of Awards: In its first two competitions the Dialogues on the Experience of War program received an average of 87 applications per year and made an average of seventeen awards per year, for a funding ratio of 19 percent.

Anticipated Amount: $100,000

Submission Process:                     PIs must submit their application as a Limited Submission through the Office of Research Application Portal:

Materials to submit:

Link to Award:                         

Who May Serve as PI:                    Any U.S. nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status is eligible, as are state and local governmental agencies and federally recognized Indian tribal governments. Individuals are not eligible to apply.


The program supports the study and discussion of important humanities sources about war, in the belief that these sources can help U.S. military veterans and others think more deeply about the issues raised by war and military service. Although the program is primarily designed to reach military veterans, men and women in active service, military families, and interested members of the public may also participate. The program awards grants of up to $100,000 that will support


Discussion programs may take place on college and university campuses, in veterans’ centers, at public libraries and museums, and at other community venues. The discussion program must


Humanities sources eligible for discussion can be drawn from history, philosophy, literature, film, and the visual and performing arts—and may be complemented by veterans’ testimonials. Discussions should engage the participants in serious exploration of important questions about the nature of duty, heroism, suffering, loyalty, and patriotism. Examples are listed on the program resource page.


Grant funds may not be used for

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