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As we start the new academic year, I’m happy to relay some news:

Research Communication

The Office of Research has established new outlets for highlighting USC Research:

Please subscribe to the YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter and email videos to feature via these outlets to Araceli.

Research Instrument Awards

With generous support from the Provost, we were able to increase the size and number of core instrumentation awards this year, supporting state-of-the art instruments available to the entire university. The following awards have been made, with more to come:

Core                                                                                   Core Director                      Equipment        

Keck Photonics Cleanroom                                           Andrea Armani                   Ellipsometer/microscope

Keck Photonics Cleanroom                                           Andrea Armani                   Raith EBPG5150 electron beam writer

Center for Nanoscale Imaging (CEMMA)                   Scott Fraser                        FEI Talos F200C G2, w/High Pressure Freezer and Automatic Freeze Substitution

Center for Peptide & Protein Engineering                 Richard Roberts                 Biotage Peptide Synthesis Lab Package

Flow Cytometry Core Facility                                       Rong Lu                                S3e Cell Sorter

Flow Cytometry Core Facility                                       Rong Lu                                BD FACSSymphony

For more information on USC core research facilities, see our Laboratories & Services page.

Center for Excellence in Research

Today we are welcoming new faculty through our annual “Navigating the University” workshop at Descanso Gardens. In addition, we have 18 events planned for the semester, available to all faculty at USC. Topics include guidance on obtaining funding, use of social media in research, research entrepreneurship, and women in science and health.

For a listing of all events, see our Workshops & Training page.

Diversity In Research

Diversity is one of USC’s strategic priorities for advancing research. As part of our diversity effort, we were happy to make 16 special awards through the Zumberge Research and Innovation Fund Diversity and Inclusion (DI) in Research Award, and the complete list of awardees has been announced. We will continue working to advance diversity and inclusion as major initiatives in the coming year, toward implementing the diversity in research strategic plan.

Collaboration Fund

The Collaboration Fund welcomes three new groups:

Leaders: Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati (Keck), Charles Kaplan (Social Work)

Multidisciplinary collaboration that spans across nine schools, six University Centers/Institutes and Children’s Hospital, addressing significant health disparities problems in diverse communities; focusing on solutions within a health equity paradigm.

Leaders: Baruch Cahn, David Black, Marc Weigensberg (Keck); Shawn Roll, George Salem (Ostrow); Jordan Davis (Social Work)

Aims to contribute meaningful understanding to the component psychological and biological processes underlying mindfulness and to contribute to the understanding of the relationship between mindfulness and well-being as well as the impact of mindfulness practice on wellness and clinical outcomes across the lifespan.

Leaders: Adam Leventhal (Keck); John Clapp (Social Work)

The Institute will capitalize on USC’s existing scientific strengths— Adolescent and Young Adult Addiction Etiology and Prevention, Health Disparities in Addiction, Psychobiological Processes and Pharmacotherapy of Addiction, and Addiction Policy—and will explore new emphases, collaborating with existing training programs in social behavioral science, psychology, epidemiology, and neuroscience, as well as developing novel addiction science educational programs.

Participation in collaboration groups is open to all faculty, and you may contact the leaders listed above and ask to join in their activities.

For a complete list of collaboration groups, visit our Collaboration Fund page.

Health Science IRB Chair Search

We are searching for a new chair for the USC Health Science Campus IRBs. Nominations and applications are invited for review by the search committee. Further information is available in the IRB Chair Search Announcement.

Intellectual Property (IP) Assignment

It is now a federal requirement that all those employed on federal research grants and contracts (including students, staff and faculty) explicitly assign university generated intellectual property to the university, and also explicitly agree to promptly disclose intellectual property. If this requirement applies to you, you will receive an email notification. Please follow the associated link in the notice and respond to the assignment request so that you can continue to work on federal grants and contracts. The process should not take more than two minutes. The new federal requirement is consistent with existing obligations under USC’s intellectual property policy.

Software to Help Your Research

In addition to Grant Forward, a tool for searching funding opportunities, USC recently licensed Dimensions, a tool to compare grants, publications and other metrics by individual, specialty or university. Dimensions can be used to identify potential collaborators or experts. Visit our Funding Databases page for more information on this and other available databases.

Stevens Center Student Innovator Showcase: Applications Due September 2

Please encourage students to apply to the USC Stevens Center Student Innovator Showcase taking place October 12, 2018.  Applications are due September 2, 2018. For more information, please watch this short video. Information can also be found at the Student Innovator Showcase page.

All the best for the coming year on advancing university research.

Randolph Hall
Vice President, Research
Professor, Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
University of Southern California