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Promote Your Research through “The Conversation” and See USC Research Culture Survey Results

In our assessment of research culture at USC, one request from faculty has been to offer more avenues to publicize the university’s great research. Toward that end, the provost office has executed an agreement with The Conversation (TC) that gives our faculty priority access and attention to promote placement of articles in media outlets. 

The entire university is now an underwriter of TC and a priority partner in the mission to advance academic research for the public good. USC receives TC’s daily Experts Request notice soliciting faculty commentaries on trending topics, so there are more invitations/opportunities for engagement. And USC has a dashboard tool to track where content goes, audience size and other key metrics.  The Conversation also provides a page to promote stories created at USC. Last, authors work directly with the TC editor to fashion the story and have final approval.

How to Participate

As explained in this video, The Conversation responds to “pitches”, which may be sent directly from faculty to TC, or via USC’s media offices (see list below). A direct pitch is sent via TC’s online form once an author enrolls in TC.

A pitch contains two parts: (1) the story, in 50 words, and (2) the significance of the story, in 100 words.  For example:

Environment + Energy

Understanding how people use technology differently helps efficiency save money and reduce carbon emissions. A new study of U.S. consumer use of televisions, clothes washers and dryers shows that savings from an efficient appliance ranges from net loss (-$100) to large benefit (+$1,560), depending on the person.

Consumers and policy-makers don’t appreciate how individual differences in technology use so dramatically affects monetary and carbon savings. Energy labels on appliances show average consumption, but many consumers use significantly more and less than this. Utilities offer rebate programs for purchase of efficient devices, these provide the same information and rebate to all consumers. If utilities target high-saving consumers, e.g. families with kids with lots of laundry to buy an efficient clothes washer, there is potential for more energy savings with less investment. Consumers should get more personalized energy information when buying an appliance, encouraging heavy users to choose efficiency.

For more information, please consult Beth Shuster, Director of Public Communications in the Office of the Provost:

Office of Research Outlets for Promoting Research

The Office of Research promotes research on Twitter and YouTube, as well as on and through  Please see:



USC Stevens Center Twitter:

Research Culture Survey

The USC Research Culture Survey has closed with more than 1300 responses.  Thanks to all of you who participated.

A summary of the results is attached.  In the coming months, the Office of Research will work with the University Research Committee to explore results at a more granular level, across units and categories, to better understand areas for improvement.  As before, your feedback is encouraged.

List of The Conversation Editors

Manager, University Editorial Relations
(Ari is best go-to TC person for general questions)

Arts and Culture

Big Data and Mathematics

Business and Economy


Ethics and Religion

Energy and Environment

Health and Medicine

Philanthropy and Nonprofits

Politics and Society

Science and Technology

Editorial Researcher

University Relations Coordinator

List of USC communications staff who can help faculty:

Lance Ignon Dornsife College
Jim Key Dornsife College
Darrin Joy Dornsife College
Emily Cavalcanti Annenberg School of Communications
Ted Kissell Annenberg School of Communications
Amy Blumenthal Viterbi School of Engineering
Adam Smith Viterbi School of Engineering
Michael Chung Viterbi School of Engineering
Ross Brenneman Rossier School of Education
Orli Belman Leonard Davis School of Gerontology
Mary Dacuma Keck School of Medicine
Cynthia Smith Keck School of Medicine
Meredith Drake Reitan associate dean USC grad schools
Araceli Roach Office of Research
Julie Labich Sol Price School of Public Policy
Benedict Dimapindan Gould Law School
Megan Goulding Sol Price School of Public Policy
Matthew Simmons Marshall School of Business
Ann Bergman Gould School of Law
Michelle Keller School of Pharmacy
Sara Preto Institute for Creative Technology
Michelle Moore Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute
Cristy Lytal USC Stem Cell Center
Delphine Vasko School of Dramatic Arts
Kirsten Schmidt Roski School of Art and Design
Linda Wang School of Pharmacy
Elizabeth Held School of Architecture
Roger Smith Sol Price School of Public Policy
Cecile Oreste Glorya Kaufman School of Dance
Gretchen Meier Sol Price School of Public Policy
Kukla Vera Sol Price School of Public Policy
Karine Kim Iovine/Young Academy
Evan F Calbi Thornton School of Music
Tyson R Gaskill USC Libraries
Josh Grossberg USC Shoah Foundation
Eddie North-Hager USC media relations office
Beth Shuster USC provost’s office
Eric Abelev USC president’s office
Gary Polakovic USC research communications
Jenesse Miller USC research communications
Leigh Hopper USC research communications
Ron Mackovich USC central communications
Jeremy Pepper USC central communications

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