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Reuters Ranks USC as #8 in the World for Innovation + Funding for Innovation Research at USC

I am happy to report that USC has risen to #8 among all universities in the world in Reuters’ annual ranking of innovation. This is USC’s highest ranking yet in innovation, rising from #20 in 2017 to #15 in 2018 to our present ranking of #8.  Reuters’ ranking is based on metrics of patent activity, including patent citations, as well as university/industry collaboration in publications.

To further support USC innovation, two peer-reviewed research competitions are now posted on our internal funding page:

Ming Hsieh Institute for Research on Engineering-Medicine

The Ming Hsieh Institute seeks proposals that will initiate new interdisciplinary research projects that show exceptional promise for translation into human clinical trials for treatment of disease (including diseases other than cancer). Research awards of up to $150,000.

Program Information | Deadline: 5 pm, Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Provost New Directions for Research and Scholarship Award

PNDRSA supports innovative interdisciplinary research on topics that have not previously received grant funding at USC or elsewhere. Proposals will be judged for their novelty and potential to launch significant directions of scholarship and research that have not previously been explored, as well as for their potential impact for societal benefits. To achieve these aims, the PNDRSA provides up to $250,000 in research support per award.

Program Information | Deadline: 5pm, Monday, March 2, 2020

For more information on innovation at USC:

Reuter’s USC Citation:

“Researchers at the University of Southern California’s School of Pharmacy recently announced that they have successfully grown testosterone-producing human cells in a lab – an achievement that could lead to new treatments for millions of men who suffer from the many disorders resulting from low testosterone. Elsewhere at the university, researchers at USC’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry are investigating how stem cells can be used to reactivate tooth growth, a process which would allow dentists to grow new teeth in a lab to replace broken or missing ones in a patient. Overall, USC researchers received $764 million in sponsored research funding during the 2017-18 academic year.

A private research university based in Los Angeles, USC has strong ties to Hollywood and significant expertise in digital entertainment. The university’s Institute for Creative Technologies studies how people engage with technology through virtual characters and simulations, and collaborates with studios including Warner Bros and Sony Pictures Entertainment to develop ever more realistic computer-generated characters in movies. USC’s technology transfer center, the Stevens Center for Innovation, has spun out a number of entertainment startups, including LightStage LLC, which has created visual effects for films including Avatar and King Kong.”

Randolph W. Hall
Vice President, Research

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