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DC Research Advancement Passes $700 Million Milestone

USC’s Washington, DC Office of Research Advancement, established in 2005 to help faculty initiate large team-based research programs, has passed a new milestone: $700 million in total awards. Led by Executive Director Dr. Steven Moldin, the office helps faculty build large peer-reviewed research proposals for federal research agency funding.

“We help our faculty learn about funding opportunities, build research teams, prepare complex budgets, write proposals and organize site visits. These steps are informed by our experience working in the federal government as well as creating large multi-disciplinary proposals,” stated Dr. Moldin.

The office was inspired by Dr. Randolph Hall’s experience creating two research centers at USC: METRANS and CREATE. “As a new Vice President of Research, I realized how difficult it was for faculty to create proposals involving faculty coming from different disciplines and schools, particularly creating integrated proposal themes, leadership and budgets. We wanted a resource that relieves our researchers from the burdens of complex large proposals.”

The first-of-its-kind DC Office is located in the heart of the District of Columbia, at 701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, side-by-side with USC’s Office of Federal Relations. The staff includes Amber Gray, Ashley Gordon, Al Olson, Dr. James Murday, Daniel Barker, Robyn Hejmej (formerly Gill), Stephanie Griep, Jordan Locy and Claire Smith, all pictured along with Drs. Moldin and Hall.

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