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One last message for faculty…

Since 2005, I’ve had the privilege to work with well over 1,000 faculty at USC – interacting through their appointment to research committees, award of Office of Research grants, my assistance in proposal creation, and organization of research events and trainings.   These faculty-centered activities reflect the pillars of the Office of Research.

Office of Research Pillars

Faculty initiative coupled with institutional focus (on advancement, ethics and administration) have combined for exceptional results.  We have succeeded by: Creating new research centers.  Obtaining funding for major interdisciplinary program.   Establishing new research programs and initiatives (see attached).

It has been a rewarding time to serve as VP of Research, as USC has progressed in our research culture.  But we need to do more.  While the results of January’s research culture survey (posted here) were positive, I ask that we continue to enhance our culture, as we advance knowledge through discovery, scholarship and innovation — within individual research groups, departments, centers, schools and the university.  Carefully consider how the research culture survey results (as well as USC’s Values Poll results) lend insight into where we can improve at USC.

Wrapping Up

I have communicated often on issues that are essential to a positive and ethical research culture.  With this message, I offer three closing thoughts:

1)      Stay in touch:

2)      Express Gratitude

The research administrators of USC – in the Office of Research, schools, centers and institutes – earn praise for their work.   I am grateful to the entire staff in the USC Office of Research.  Their dedication enables research at USC, faculty led research that is innovative, impactful and ethical.  In particular, I recognize the exceptional talent of the Office of Research leadership group (my direct reports, listed at the end of this message).  USC is fortunate to have such an experienced and devoted leadership team in the Office of Research.

3)      Reflect

My decision to step down in April came from reflection on how I might do more beyond a single university as well as what would bring me joy and meaning, thoughts I captured and conveyed to my staff in the attached memo from July.  Life is short and precious.  Reflect on what matters.

With that, I wish you a joyful holiday and happy new year, and an exciting year of discovery, innovation and scholarship.

Randolph Hall
Vice President of Research



Office of Research Leadership Team

Deirdre Anglin, Vice Chair of the Biomedical IRB

David Bateshansky, Vice Chair of the Biomedical IRB

Michael Bowdish, Chair of the Biomedical IRB

Donald Casebolt, Executive Director of the Department of Animal Resources

Silvia da Costa, Director of Faculty Research Relations

Jennifer Dyer, Executive Director of the USC Stevens Center for Innovation

Jeremy Goldbach, Chair of the Social Behavioral IRB

Kristen Grace, Research Integrity Officer

Randall Hill, Executive Director of the Institute for Creative Technologies

Martin Koning-Bastiaan, Director of Research Enterprise Applications

Brett Lund, Chair of the IACUC committee

Steve Moldin, Executive Director of the DC Research Advancement Office

Jeri Muniz, Executive Director of the Department of Contracts and Grants

Frances Richmond, Chair of the HSC Conflict of Interest in Research Committee

Linda Sher, Vice Chair of the Biomedical IRB

Julie Slayton, Director of the Office for the Protection of Research Subjects


USC Research Strategic Priorities and Plans