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NEA American Rescue Plan – Grants to Organizations

Slots:                                                     1 for parent organization and 1 for potential independent component; see below for more.

Internal Deadline:                             Monday, July 12th, 2021, 5pm PT

Submit to Grants.Gov:                    August 12, 2021, 11:59pm ET

External Deadline:                            August 27  – September 2, 2021, 11:59pm ET

Award Type:                                       Grant

Anticipated Amount:                       Fixed grant amount for $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000 for up to two years.

Process for Limited Submissions: PIs must submit their application through the Office of Research Initiatives & Facilities (ORIF) Application Portal: PIs must create their own SurveyMonkey account in order to proceed with submission. Any limited submission that is not Camille Dreyfus, NSF-MRI, or the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation Inventor Fellows can select the ‘Limited Submission’ up top to submit.

Materials to submit – unless otherwise noted in the Office of Research Initiatives & Facilities (ORIF) write-ups below – include:

(1) Single Page Proposal Summary (0.5” margins; single-spaced; font type: Arial, Helvetica, or Georgia typeface; font size: 11 pt). Page limit includes references and illustrations. Pages that exceed the 1-page limit will be excluded from review.

(2) CV – (5 pages maximum)

Who May Serve as PI:                   Applicant organization must:

Independent Component:             Please see under the ‘Parent (and Related) Organizations’ heading at this webpage:

Link to Award:

Purpose:                                              Grants will be made to eligible organizations to support their own operations. Unlike other Arts Endowment funding programs that offer project-based support, Rescue Plan funds are intended to support day-to-day business expenses/operating costs, and not specific programmatic activities.

Support is limited to any or all of the following:

Budgetary Requirements:              Cost share/matching funds are not required.

Visit our Institutionally Limited Submission webpage for updates and other announcements.