University of Southern California


Disengagement of PI of 90 Days or More

Sponsors reasonably expect that the PI will be physically present at the location where their funded project is carried out to manage the award and ensure that objectives and timelines are met. Most sponsors want to be notified when a PI will be disengaged for short periods of time; federal sponsors in particular require advance notification when a PI will be disengaged for a period of time extending 90 days or more (e.g., a sabbatical). Individual awards should be reviewed for specific guidance.

Documentation Required –
 In cases where sponsor approval is required, the request must include: (1) the dates during which the PI will be disengaged; and a (2) plan detailing how the sponsored project will be carried out in the PI’s disengagement, if one exists.

Approvals Required – 
(1) Principal Investigator; and (2) Dept. Chair/Unit Head or designee. Sponsor approval is almost always required; please consult the award terms and conditions.