University of Southern California


Activity Type

Clinical Trial: The controlled, clinical testing of investigational and/or approved drugs, devices, treatments or diagnostics in human subjects where such testing is performed under a sponsor or investigator-developed protocol covered by an IND or IDE from the FDA.

Note: When Clinical Trial is selected as the Activity Type, an additional proposal section will appear on the left side of the proposal form that will need to be completed prior to routing.

Conference: Supports the costs of a meeting or meetings.

Data Use: The sharing of data and an agreement that establishes the ways in which the information in a limited data set may be used and how it is protected.  

Equipment: The acquisition of equipment, including grants of equipment or full or partial funding to enable the purchase of equipment and where the title to such equipment vests with USC.  

Fellowship: Training or subsistence during training to either graduate students or post-doctoral candidates training in research techniques.  

Instruction: The development or enhancement of a curriculum.  

Public Service: Scholarly or professional training or services to individuals or sponsor-designated recipient groups, where such groups are external to the University.  

Research – Basic : Directed toward research that increases knowledge of the subject being studied. This includes activities that seek to increase the understanding of fundamental phenomena.  

Research – Applied: The systematic use and practical application of findings/theories in studies involving useful products, where such studies are designed to test and/or evaluate practical application of proposed solutions.  

Research – Clinical: (TBD)

Research – Developmental: Normally follows basic research and attempts to expand the potentialities of new discoveries.  

Training: Scholarly, professional, or occupational instruction primarily for graduate students or University employees (including post docs) and includes training awards made to USC that provide for selection of student recipients by academic units.

Other: Serves as the catchall for activities not reflected in the rest of the list.

If Other is chosen, a free-text field will appear. Please provide a description of the Other Sponsored Activities in this field.