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Award Closeout


By accepting sponsored projects, the Principal Investigator assumes responsibility for meeting the reporting requirements of the sponsor. Specific final report requirements are identified in the sponsor’s award, terms and conditions, or policy guide/manual. These requirements vary from sponsor to sponsor. Award Closeout is the process in which the sponsor determines that all required work, including the submission of reports, has been completed by the Principal Investigator and University.

Final Reports

During Award Closeout, the Principal Investigator must submit all required financial, performance, and other reports as required by the award.  The PI ultimately bears responsibility for preparing and submitting technical reports to the sponsor. Please refer to the award document to determine the format and information required.  

Below is common information required in final reports:

Report Details
Technical Report

Does your report include:

  • Grant number, PI name, project title, and performance period, including authorized extensions
  • Significant results of the project
  • Examples of progress
  • Technical difficulties and solutions
  • List of publications, including articles in progress
  • If award contained objectives and deliverables, does my report discuss each of these?
Financial Report

SPA will prepare the final financial report and submit it to the sponsor.

  • Have all project expenditures been posted, i.e., have they appeared on monthly expenditure statements?
  • Are all project expenditure statements certified? Is the summary of expenditures (for NIH awards) certified?
Invention Report

Does your report include:

  • Name of the contractor and contract number
  • Name of inventor(s)
  • Title of invention(s)
  • Patent or disclosure number
  • Data produced under the agreement
  • Reporting period
  • Royalty income, if any
Property Report

Have you identified all materials and equipment acquired under this award, including property that was:

  • Provided by the sponsor
  • Acquired by my department
  • Purchased by a subcontractor

Submitting Final Reports to DCG

PI’s will receive one to three automated emails from Kuali Coeus (KC), indicating  Final Report(s) are due (consistent with the Final Reports identified in the KC Award record):

Final Reports and/or confirmation of the submission of final reports should be submitted to DCG via the Final Report Submission Portal.  The Portal facilitates the submission and import of Final Reports to DCG. DCG will close out an award when we receive confirmation that the PI has met the technical and invention reporting requirements of the sponsored project.

Template Closeout Forms

Below are sponsor-specific closeout forms frequently required under sponsored projects. If you need assistance identifying required forms, please contact the DCG Officer assigned to your department/School.

Subaward Closeout

PIs are responsible for obtaining final technical reports from their subrecipients and retaining a copy in their project file. PIs are encouraged to remind subrecipients of this need well in advance of the due date for such reports.

Other final reports, including property reports, patent reports, small/small disadvantaged business reports, and Assignment and Release documents may be required. PIs should ensure all final reports are received from their subconractors in a timely manner.


If you have questions regarding the Final Reporting requirements of a sponsored project, please contact the DCG Officer assigned to your Department/School or send an email to