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Award Transfers

When a Principal Investigator (PI) leaves the University, the University, with School approval, will relinquish an award in compliance with the sponsor’s requirements set forth in the agreement terms and conditions.  The majority of sponsors will require prompt notification and certain reporting in order to relinquish an award to another institution.

To initiate an award transfer, the PI will need to complete the University’s Official Statement Relinquishing Interests & Rights in Research Grants Form.  The Form should be completed and signed by all parties prior to routing and submitting to the Department of Contracts and Grants.

In addition to the University’s Relinquishing Form, each individual award must be reviewed to determine Sponsor’s policies and ensure compliance with the Sponsor’s notification and relinquishment process.  Sponsors generally require at least 90 days to process the transfer of an award from one institution to another.

Below are NIH and NSF’s process when relinquishing grant agreements:

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

The Principal Investigator should notify the NIH (e.g. NIH Program Official and Grants Manager) of the proposed move to a new institution and grant transfer, as soon as possible.  Notification should happen at least 90 days prior to the date of transfer.  Any notification after this time may cause delays which could adversely impact the research.

To initiate a transfer of a NIH award, the following should be submitted to DCG:

DCG is required to submit a Relinquishing Statement to NIH prior to the PI’s new institution proceeding with the Change of Grantee Organization application (PA-12-270).

Policy Reference:

National Science Foundation (NSF)

To initiate a transfer of a NSF award, the following should be submitted to DCG:

The PI and department will need to go into Fastlane/Research.Gov to generate the request.  Once completed, the request should be routed to the DCG Officer assigned to the Lead Unit for review and submission.  Upon submission, the request will electronically route to the new institution to complete the process.

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