University of Southern California


Carry Forward of Funds

The ability to automatically carry forward unspent funds from one budget period to the next is typically limited to certain federally funded projects subject to the Federal-Wide Research Terms and Conditions (formerly known as the Federal Demonstration Partnership or FDP). For all other funded projects, it is more likely the case that prior sponsor approval will be required. Project Teams must therefore consult the specific requirements of the award in order to determine whether carry forward is allowed.

Documentation Required – All requests for prior approval must include: (1) documentation of sponsor approval, if such approval is required by the sponsor and has been obtained; (2) the current budget period end date; (3) the anticipated amount of the funds to be carried forward; and (4) revised budgets, if required by the sponsor.

Approvals Required – (1) Principal Investigator; and (2) Dept. Chair/Unit Head or designee. Sponsor approval may also be required; please consult the award terms and conditions.