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Cayuse SP Resources

Cayuse Sponsored Projects (SP) is USC’s forthcoming system for proposal and award management. The Department of Contracts and Grants (DCG) offers assistance to the research community in the development and submission of proposals from within Cayuse SP as well as guidance to researchers and administrators for post-award management within the system. To facilitate training, DCG has developed a number of dedicated information pages and video guides to help users navigate the Cayuse SP system. As we continue to develop these materials, we will be distributing them via DCG NewsFlashes and posting to the DCG website for future reference.







Cayuse SP Crosswalk
In preparation for the upcoming transition from Kuali Coeus to Cayuse SP, the Department of Contracts and Grants has developed the below video guidance to assist proposal preparers and approvers with some of the major conceptual and terminology distinctions between the two systems. Many of the significant changes between the two systems are reviewed along with new Cayuse SP terminology and compliance integration information.

Research Administrators are encouraged to review the below video to better understand some of the translational elements between KC and Cayuse SP prior to go-live.







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