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KC S2S Training Modules

The Department of Contracts and Grants (DCG) has developed the below guidance in order to foster better development and submission of S2S proposals in KC S2S.

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Training Guides

Training Guide  Guide Details Guide Date
Desktop Readiness & Browser Configuration
  • Browsers Supported in KC S2S
  • Broswers Configuration
Introduction to KC S2S
  • Features of KC S2S
  • Logging into KC S2S
  • General Navigation of KC S2S
  • How to Interpret KC S2S Icons
  • How to Check User Preferences
Funding Opportunities
  • Download a Funding Opportunity from
  • Managing Opportunities
  • Using Opportunities
Proposal Creation
  • Creating a New Proposal
  • How to navigate the Proposal
  • Internal Proposal Title Configuration
  • Managing Proposal Permissions
  • How to use the errors and warnings facility
  • How to copy a Proposal
  • How to transform a proposal
  • How to lock and unlock a proposal
Proposal Basics
  • Using Auto-fill function
  • How to add additional site locations
  • How to add key personnel
  • Adding Biosketches to the Proposal
Proposal Budgets
  • Adding Key/Senior Personnel
  • Completing the Budget Components (Fringe Benefits, Equipments, Other Direct Costs, etc.)
  • Creating and Managing Budget Periods
  • Replicating Budget Data
  • Escalating Budget Data
  • Creating a Modular Budget
  • Creating Subaward Proposals/Budgets
  • Linking Subaward Proposal/Budgets
  • Importing and Exporting Subaward Proposals/Budgets
  • NIH Requirements for Subawards
Attaching Documents
  • Attachment Checklist
  • Attaching Documents
  • Attaching the Research Plan
  • Viewing Proposals in PDF Format