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KC Pre-Award System-to-System

KC S2S is a web-based system-to-system alternative for preparing, validating, and submitting proposals via that does not require the use of Adobe Forms. KC S2S serves as an add-on to Kuali Coeus (KC), USC’s proposal routing and approval system.

Accessing the System:
KC S2S is available to all USC researchers and administrators who have access to create proposals in KC.

All proposals that are capable of being submitted through must be submitted through KC S2S by clicking the “Create Proposal For Opportunity” link inside Kuali Coeus. 


Once inside of the KC Proposal, you will see an additional “” Tab. This tab will contain a link that will take you directly into KC S2S, where you can develop and submit your proposal.

Please note that the rest of the KC Proposal still needs to be filled out. Additionally, you will not be able to navigate to the “” Tab until the “Proposal” Tab has been completely filled out and saved. 



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                 Technical Help   
                 Proposal Preparation Assistance   DCG Officer

 KC S2S Quick Guides:

    Adding Subaward Institutions      Adding Subaward Institutions (Quick Guide)
    Adding Non-USC Key Persons      Adding Non-USC Key Persons (Quick Guide)

KC S2S Training:
To supplement the training provided by the TARA Team, the Department of Contracts and Grants has created a KCS2S Training Page that covers the following topics:

Click here for a comprehensive list of institutions that can import and export “.cayuse” files.