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Center for Public Diplomacy

CPD is a research, analysis and professional education organization dedicated to furthering the study and practice of global public engagement and cultural relations. As a recognized leader in the public diplomacy research and scholarship community, CPD is the definitive go-to destination for practitioners and international leaders in public diplomacy.

Center on Communication Leadership & Policy

CCLP conducts academic research and organizes programs for scholars, policymakers and industry leaders to develop ways in which communication leadership, policy, technology and mobile innovation can contribute to a more informed electorate and a better world.

Communication Sciences Institute

CSI is world-renown for its basic research in communications that are historically mathematical in nature including error correction coding, synchronization, and pseudo-random sequence design. In recent years, their research has also addressed issues requiring computer simulation, prototyping, or experimental measurement and mathematical analysis.

Entertainment Technology Center

ETC is a think tank and research center that brings together senior executives, innovators, thought leaders, and catalysts from the media, entertainment, consumer electronics, technology, and services industries along with the academic resources of USC to explore and act upon topics and issues related to the creation, distribution, and consumption of entertainment content.

Information Sciences Institute

ISI is one of the nation’s largest, most successful university-affiliated computer research institutes and a world leader in research and development of advanced information processing, computer and communications technologies. The Institute attracts over $100 million annually for basic and applied research from federal agencies and the private sector.

Institute for Communication Technology Management

CTM is focused on anticipating and understanding the impact of an increasingly networked and technology driven world on the way we conduct business and view markets. It examines technology driven disruptors as both opportunity and threat enablers that can cause seismic direct and indirect impacts to markets.

Institute for Creative Technologies

Compelling stories, characters and special effects. ICT applies this winning Hollywood formula to benefit service members, students and society at large, bringing film and game industry artists together with computer and social scientists to study and develop immersive media for military training, health therapies, science education and more.

Integrated Media Systems Center

IMSC is built to deliver next-generation, custom-built data platforms based on bleeding-edge basic and applied research. These end-to-end solutions span the entire data pipeline, from the acquisition of real data to the application of mined insights, and are created for partners facing real-world problems across the globe.

Spatial Sciences Institute

As the hub of spatial thinking and analysis, SSI partners with researchers, businesses, non-profits, NGOs, and other entities to analyze, model, and visualize location-based data. Through innovative academic programs, they’re developing the next generation of spatial thinkers, empowering them with capabilities to solve real-world issues.