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USC Interdisciplinary Statistics Group

The USC Interdisciplinary Statistics Group is coordinated by CER Faculty Fellow Rand Wilcox.


The USC interdisciplinary statistics group (ISG) consists of a wide range of quantitative experts located within various departments at USC. One goal of this group is to foster lines of communication among ISG members; another is to serve as a statistics resource for all faculty and students at USC.

Members of this group include experts on computational biology, probability, econometrics, psychometrics, and biostatistics.

Statistics, as a discipline, has grown and expanded tremendously in recent years making it possible to get a deeper, broader and more accurate understanding of what data are trying to tell us. ISG exists in part to help faculty and students take advantage of what contemporary tools and techniques of statistical analysis have to offer.

Upcoming Events

ISG Workshop: Jan. 21, 2008 (time TBA). Office of Research, Conference Room 329, USC Credit Union Building, 3720 S. Flower Street (parking available).

Susan Groshen, Dept. of Preventive Medicine: “Phase II Trials in Cancer Drug Development”
Delores Conway, Marshall School of Business: TBA

ISG Faculty

The Interdisciplinary Statistics Group is comprised of faculty from numerous departments and schools across USC:

Statistics Courses

Listed below is a partial list of graduate-level statistics course offered at various USC schools and divisions:

Preventive Medicine and Biostatistics


Information and Operations Management.


School of Education.

School of Policy, Planning and Development.