University of Southern California


Confidentiality Agreements (CDAs)

Industry sponsors of clinical trials may want to send their proprietary/confidential information about a drug or a device being developed (e.g. study protocol, investigator brochure) to a potential Principal Investigator (PI) so that he/she can make a decision whether to participate in a trial.

Confidentiality Agreements/Non-disclosure Agreements (CDAs & NDAs) are used to establish roles and responsibilities with respect to disclosure and protection of confidential information.

There are two types of CDAs/NDAs: a) One-way CDAs/NDAs in which company is disclosing confidential information to the University; b) Two-way CDAs/NDAs in which both company and University (through its PI) are disclosing confidential/proprietary information with each other.

CDAs/NDAs need to be submitted to the CTO for negotiation and execution on behalf of the University and the PI.

There is a CDA submission workflow in True 2.0; please follow CDA Submission Screenshots for assistance with this process.

If you still need help or have any questions about CDAs/NDAs and their submission and/or processing at CTO, please contact your assigned Sr. Contract Manager.