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CORES – Quick Guides

Valid Roles in CORES

Core Managers/Core Associates Guides:

Add External Users
Add an Item/Service
Add a Resource
Associate an Assistant with a Resource
Generate Invoice Reports
Issue a Refund
Manage External Invoices
Order Entry/Place an Order
Order Upload
Reserve for a PI/Resource User
Update Resource User Account Association
Update User Account Information
View Open Order and Estimates

Principal Investigator/ Lab Manager Guides:

Add a Resource User
Approve or Disputing an Invoice
View an Open Order
Generate Reports
Reserve a Core Device
Understand an Invoice
Understand an Invoice Email
Update User Account Information

Resource User Guides:

Make a Reservation
Generate Reports
Place an Order
Update User Account Information

Financial Officer/SBO:

Account Correction-Distribution
Generating Invoice Reports
Generate Reports
Review PI Invoices

Contributing Center Administrator:
Associate a New Member
Program Report


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