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CORES – Recharge Centers Using CORES


Short Name Core Name/Recharge Center Contact Email
ABS-GER Aging Biomarker and Service Junxiang Wan
AC Animal Core Asma Deras
BSL3 Laboratory Biosafety Level 3 Research Laboratory Jill Henley
Bioreagent Bioreagent and Cell Culture Core Nily Harel
CEMMA Center for Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis John Curulli
CFTSF The Choi Family Therapeutic Screening Facility Mickey Huang
CIA Center for Image Acquisition Grace Liang-Franco
CPT Photonics Center Donghai Zhu
CRIC Cancer Research Informatics Core Reed Comire
CRS SC-CTSI Clinical Research Support Wendy Rosero
Cell and Imaging USC Norris Cell and Imaging Dr. Shikun He| Ernie Barron |
Circulating Tumor Cell Circulating Tumor Cell Research Core Tong Xu
CTR Liver Disease CTIC CTR for Liver Diseases – Cell Tissue Imaging Core Heather Johnson | Dolores Mendoza |
CSCEC Chang Stem Cell Engineering Core Chang Tong
DAR Department of Animal Resources Larry Reiners
DNA Oligo Core Molecular Genomics / DNA Oligo Kendra Bergen
DNA Sequencing Core Molecular Genomics / DNA Sequencing Kendra Bergen
DNI Dornsife Cognitive Neuroscience Imaging Center Faith Ishibashi
FBI Funtional Biological Imaging Russell Jacobs
FCCF Flow Cytometry Core Jeffrey Boyd
Genomics Core Molecular Genomics/Genomics Kendra Bergen
Glassware Cancer Center Glassware Jiao Luo
Histology Laboratory Histology Laboratory Liana Asatryan
IM Immune Monitoring Core Diane da Silva
Imaging Microscopy Core Facility Seth Ruffins
MAC Metabolic Assay Core for USC Diabetes and Obesity Research Lilit Baronikian
MACH Viterbi Machine Shop Leticia Cornelio 
MCB Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) Support Core Jiao Luo
Molecular Chrctrztn USC Center of Excellence for Molecular Characterization Michelle Dea
Mouse Core Transgenic/ Knockout Rodent Core Facility John Johnson
Multiphoton Micro Multi-Photon Microscopy Core Janos Peti Peterdi
Murine Phenotyping Core Murine Phenotyping Core Todd Morgan
NCCC Bioinfo NCCC Bioinformatics Core Paul Thomas | Lourdes Montano
ILCC The Integrative Liver Cell Core Asma Deras
NanoBiophysics Nano Biophysics Core Shuxing Li
Next Generation Sequencin Next Generation Sequencing Core Kendra Bergen
NICC Neuroimaging and Informatics Computing Center Grace Liang-Franco
Pro Core Proteomics Core Facility Dolores Mendoza|Eslam Nouri |
SCF-GER Seahorse Core Facility GER Hemal Mehta
SSI Services Spatial Science Institute Melissa Salido
Slide Retrieval Translational Pathology Slide Tissue Adam Muench
Small Animal Imaging Molecular Imaging Center – Small Animal Imaging Madlen Aladadyan
TIC Translational Imaging Center Cosimo Arnesano 
TPCF/ATA Translational Pathology Soft Tissue Mo-Li Chen
TRIVC Translational Research In Vivo Core Facility Doris Lee | Rachel Spencer |
TRLab Translational Research Laboratory Liana Asatryan
UPC Genome Core UPC Genome & Cytometry Core Daniel Campo



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