University of Southern California


COVID-19 Core Facilities Status

The research core that are open during the current phase are indicated with . Please contact the core facility directly for information on availability and scheduling of services and/or equipment. Updated information on research ramp-up and procedures required to access the USC campus can be found here.

For more information on Core Facilities, please take a look at the presentation from USC Research During COVID-19.

Facility Name: Operator Name: Operator Email: Status:
4D Quantitative Imaging Lab David Choi
Aging Biomarker and Service Junxiang Wan
Animal Core Ellyn Deng
SC-CTSI Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design Wendy Rosero
Bioreagent and Cell Culture Core John E. Johnson
Biosafety Level 3 Research Laboratory Jill Henley
Center of Advanced Manufacturing Alec Kanyuck
USC Norris Cell and Imaging Tony Rodriguez  Closed
Center for Economic and Social Research Tania Gutsche
The Choi Family Therapeutic Screening Facility Mickey Huang  Closed
Center for Image Acquisition Grace Liang-Franco
CTR for Liver Diseases – Cell & Tissue Imaging Core Heather Johnson
Center of Excellence in Nano Imaging John Curulli
Center for Peptide and Protein Engineering Terry Takahashi
Photonics Center Donghai Zhu
SC-CTSI Clinical Research Informatics Wendy Rosero
Data Science Core Reed Comire
SC-CTSI Clinical Research Support Wendy Rosero
USC Norris Liquid Biopsy Core Tong Xu
Department of Animal Resources Graciela (Grace) Gonzalez
Molecular Genomics / DNA Oligo Kendra Bergen
Molecular Genomics / DNA Sequencing Kendra Bergen
Dornsife Cognitive Neuroscience Imaging Center Nyesha Peters
Functional Biological Imaging Loretta Chen
Flow Cytometry Core Jeff Boyd
Gerontology Bioinformatics Core T. Em Arpawong
Cancer Center Glassware Jiao Luo
Histology Laboratory Junji Watanabe
Non-Parenchymal Liver Cell Core  Ellyn Deng
Immune Monitoring Core Diane Da Silvia
Optical Imaging Facility Seth Ruffins
Keck Genomics Platform Zarko Manojlovic | Alex Wong
Metabolic Assay Core for USC Diabetes and Obesity Research Lilit Baronikian
Machine Shop Karla de Souza Dias
USC Center of Excellence for Molecular Characterization Michele Dea
Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) Support Core Nancy Iwasaki
Molecular Genomics / Genomics Kendra Bergen
Transgenic/ Knockout Rodent Core Facility John Johnson
Multi-Photon Microscopy Core Loretta Chen
Murine Phenotyping Core Todd Morgan
Nano Biophysics Core Shuxing Li
Neuroimaging and Informatics Computing Center Grace Liang-Franco
Molecular Imaging Center – Small Animal Imaging Maria Joan Buot
Seahorse Core Facility GER Hemal Mehta
Structures and Materials Research Labs Michael Johnson
Spatial Sciences Institute Andrea Macko
Translational Imaging Center Jason Junge
Translational Pathology Soft Tissue  Moli Chen
Translational Pathology Population Based Jose Aparicio
Translational Research In Vivo Core Facility Doris Lee | Rachel Spencer
Translational Research Laboratory Junji Watanabe
USC Genome & Cytometry Core Suchi Patel