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COVID-19 Demographic and Epidemiologic Research

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Keith Burghardt  

Collecting real-time data on migration patterns and developing migration-based interventions to reduce COVID-19 spread. Also data on economic impact of COVID-19 on businesses and how it correlates with growth of the disease.

Zhanghua Chen  

The impact of air pollution exposure on COVID-19 severity and mortality.

Yao-Yi Chiang  
Yijun Lin  

Looking at how various COVID-19 related policies and major events affect air quality in micro neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

David Conti  
Abigail Horn  
Wendy Cozen  

Modeling the impact of COVID-19: cases, bed capacity, ventilators, mortality based on risk factors. Learn more here.

Kayla de la Haye  

RAPID: Tracking COVID-19 Related Impacts on the Food System and Food Access in Los Angeles County.

Yolanda Gil  
Daniel Garijo  

Using AI to describe and integrate models and data in many domains, in the case of COVID-19 we work with epidemiology models that simulate disease spread and have diverse applicability and data needs.

Frank Gilliland  
Jennifer Unger 
Howard Hu  

The COVID-19 Pandemic Research Center promotes translational research using multidisciplinary approaches to understand and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the health of populations in Los Angeles, California and beyond, especially those experiencing health inequities. Learn more here.

Frank Gilliland  

Studying COVID-19 infection and pandemic impacts on the individual and family level in two existing cohorts.

Frank Gilliland  

COVID-19 Impacts on Birth Weight and Children’s Growth Trajectories.

Christopher Haiman  

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic among prostate cancer patients

Randolph Hall  

Integrated Modeling of Healthcare Capacity and Patient Needs to Intervene Against Human Transmitted Viral Disease. Learn more here.

John Heidemann  

Measuring the Internet During COVID-19 to Evaluate Quarantine

Arie Kapteyn  
Jill Darling  
Kyla Thomas  
Daniel Bennett  

Understanding America Study Health Tracking Poll on COVID-19. Baseline survey was fielded in March and weekly or bi weekly surveys will follow respondents over time. Learn more here.

Arie Kapteyn  

COVID-19: US Data Collection for Household Response and Impact Monitoring.

Michele Kipke  

Studying COVID-19 infection, symptoms, severity, and co-morbidity in Latino and African American young adults.

Bhaskar Krishnamachari  

Gemini – A digital twin for data-driven modeling, policy planning and decision making at the University of Southern California.

Bhaskar Krishnamachari  

Developing and evaluating algorithms and applications for privacy-sensitive mobile Bluetooth-based digital contact tracing, monitoring, predictive analytics, and policy decision-making efforts.

Chun Nok Jonathan Lam  
Sarah Axeen  
Sophie Terp  
Elizabeth Burner  
Daniel Dworkis  
Sanjay Arora  
Michael Menchine  

Characterize the effect of COVID-19 and social distancing measures on urban public emergency department visits, patient disposition, and diagnosis-mix of visits as compared to prior years.

Trevor Lane  
Bruce Elliot  
Jason Solema  

A study of the economic impact of COVID-19 on tribal and rural communities. We intend to generate research findings that improve indigenous economic resilience, workforce development, and indigenous methodologies; specifically to empower tribal and historically underrepresented communities.

Kristina Lerman  
Yigal Arens  
Emilio Ferrara  

Following COVID-19 cases around Los Angeles County (see visualization here) and collecting near real-time data from Twitter, Google Maps API and other sources to forecast new cases and the economic fallout of the pandemic. Shared with research community.

Hayoun Lee  

CorvGenSurv: all-in-one genomic contact tracking surveillance of ongoing US COVID-19 outbreak

Hayoun Lee  

Discovery of prognostic combinatorial immune biomarkers that predict acute respiratory distress syndrome in COVID-19 patients

May M. Lee  
Ernesto Casillas Jr.  
Patrick Chan
Joon Choi
Weihuang Vivian Ning
Gloria Wu

Determining baseline characteristics of COVID-19 patients in Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center and at the Keck University Hospital, assess characteristics, inform placement, assess history of exposure to medications.

Yan Liu  

RAPID: A Novel Framework of Knowledge-informed Stochastic Neural Networks for Coronavirus Transmission Modeling and Mitigation

Rob McConnell  

Studying COVID-19 in the Children’s Health Study.

Andrew Marx  
Parveen Parmar  

Conducting research linking mobility metrics derived from worldwide daily satellite imagery with the rate of spread of COVID-19 to predict the spread of COVID and hotspots of future pandemics worldwide, as a function of their mobility.

Najm Meshkati  

Systems-Oriented Root-Cause Analysis of the Origins of COVID-19. Learn more here.

Bill Padula  

Studying the need to conduct testing for COVID-19 to understand asymptomatic infection, the value of a treatment of vaccine for COVID-19, and association between national concentrations of registered nurses and mortality of COVID-19.

Vasu Punj  

Proteogenomic based prognostic biomarkers for severe SARS-CoV-2 infection

Anne Peters  

Emergency Funding to Support Underserved T1D Populations Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic for the U of Southern California – Community Diabetes Unit.

Viktor K. Prasanna  
Ajitesh Srivastava  

Using infection models at the level of cities and counties to predict the speed and severity COVID-19 and allocate medical resources appropriately.

Viktor K. Prasanna  

RAPID: ReCOVER: Accurate Predictions and Resource Allocation for COVID-19 Epidemic Response.

Konstantinos Psounis  

Collecting privacy-sensitive information (important for epidemiologists and governments) via privacy-preserving decentralized contact tracing systems (like the recently announced Google/Apple API that uses mobile devices)

Cyrus Shahabi  

RAPID: Collaborative Research: REACT: Real-time Contact Tracing and Risk Monitoring via Privacy-enhanced Mobile Tracking.

Sze-chuan Suen  
Maged Dessouky  
Neeraj Sood  

Identifying Priority Testing Locations in Southern California for COVID-19 With Transmission Dynamics and Network Data

Gerard J. Tellis  
Ashish Sood
Nitish Sood

Working on a study of COVID-19 spread in 36 countries and 50 US states which suggests that aggressive lockdowns need to last at least 7 weeks to gain containment to help answer critical questions. Learn more on SSRN and here.

Noah Wald-Dickler  

The COCOA Project: A longitudinal cohort of adult SARS-CoV-2 hospital survivors