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COVID-19 K-12 Education Research

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Stephen Aguilar  

K-5 teachers coping with changes to imposition of educational technologies.

Theda Douglas  

Head Start/Early Head Start COVID 19 Supplemental Grant

Hernan Galperin  

Galperin and his group are working with the City of Los Angeles and other local governments to map the availability of technology resources for distance learning among K-12 students. The findings are helping inform interventions to provide laptops and connect households.

Stacy E Kratz  

South African Joint Education Trust (JET): Macro, Middle and Micro Level Implications of COVID-19 on South African Education. The ambitious project, titled #OpenUpYourThinking, includes a team of over 30 research professionals examining nine thematic areas focused on all aspects of education throughout the country.

Julie Marsh  
Laura Mulfinger  

Investigating how local California districts and communities are responding to the COVID-19 crisis, and the local conditions – with a focus on local governance and civic capacity – contributing to greater resilience (defined as the capacity of the system to cope with and rebound from an external shock and respond to future shocks).

Julie Marsh  
Laura Mulfinger  

Examining: 1) How districts/schools of different types/sectors respond to COVID-19 and how these different organizational contexts shape response, particularly with regard to historically marginalized students/families; 2) Conditions contributing to greater organizational resilience? 3) How the crisis shapes parental choice decisions, the politics of choice, and virtual schooling, among other topics.

Anna Saavedra  
Morgan Polikoff  
Shira Korn  
Amie Rapaport  
Marshall Garland  

Through the USC Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research’s “Understanding America Study” longitudinal survey panel, Saavedra and her team are collecting and analyzing nationally representative household data related to COVID19 and education, and reporting upon K-12 and postsecondary trends over time.