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COVID-19 Legal Research

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Kimon Drakopoulos  
Ramandeep Randhawa  

Their work argues that accuracy of tests are not as important as availability of tests in the early stages of an epidemic and as a result, the latter should be prioritized, even at the expense of accurate results. Paper can be found here.

Sofia Gruskin  
Laura Ferguson  

Working at the global level with WHO and UNAIDS, and in low and middle-income countries with implementing partners on human rights, legal and governance issues related to responses to COVID-19.

Erica Jiang  
Will Shuo Liu  
Lee Seltzer  

The project demonstrates the importance of bank capital in improving local resilience and the complementarity of bank capital and government aid programs. Paper can be found here.

Bhaskar Krishnamachari  

Gemini – A digital twin for data-driven modeling, policy planning and decision making at the University of Southern California

Wenhao Li  

Studying how central banks should best react to the coronavirus pandemic to minimize the economic costs and found direct lending programs to businesses are much more helpful.

Michalle Mor Barak  
Charles Kaplan  
Arie Kapteyn
Shinyi Wu  

Engaging Diverse Communities in COVID-19 Control: A Value-Based Measure of Health-Safety Climate for Decision Making

Manuel Pastor  
Chris Benner  

Project develops and disseminates a vision of “solidarity economics” that can address widening income inequality, rising economic insecurities, and growing social and racial fragmentation while also promoting innovation and economic growth. Recently published at Solidarity Economics — for the Coronavirus Crisis and Beyond.

Adam Rose  
Dan Wei  
Jakub Hlavka  
Terrie Walmsley

Studying the virus’ economic consequences at the National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE). Work is sponsored by the Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency.

Gale M. Sinatra  

Conducting an international comparative study of individuals’ responses to persuasive communication regarding COVID-19 stay at home policies with collaborators in Canada, the UK, Italy, and the USA.

Neeraj Sood  

COVID-19 in Nursing Homes: Revealing the impact on stakeholders and opportunities to guide future care delivery

Reginald Tucker-Seeley  
Kathleen Wilber  

A policy scan for addressing COVID-19 disparities: An overview of policies and legislation focused on the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations

Phebe Vayanos  

Addressing Ethical Dilemmas during the COVID-19 Pandemic through AI