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COVID-19 Behavioral, Social Science & Clinical Research

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Wael Abd-Almageed  

Doing research to combat misinformation and public anxiety on social networks. This is part of their efforts for the last four years on media forensics funded by DARPA.

Stephen Aguilar  

Teachers Use of Technology and Social Media in Response to COVID-19: An Experience Sampling Study

Eric Anicich  
Trevor Foulk
Merrick Osborne  
Jake Gale
Michael Schaerer

Surveyed employees at the onset of COVID-19 and found they initially experienced increased levels of powerlessness and decreased levels of authenticity, but that over time employees recovered their sense of autonomy in the form of decreased powerlessness and increased authenticity.

Maria P. Aranda  
Rosalba Cain  

Examining the knowledge, practices and attitudes towards COVID-19 among monolingual Spanish-speaking, Latino immigrants living in Los Angeles County.

David Armstrong  

All Feet on Deck: Keeping patients with limb threatening diabetic complications safely at home using mHealth and Telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cynthia Barboza-Wilkes  
William Resh  
Christine Beckman  

Studying the emotional toll of COVID-19 on local government employees on the front lines of managing the COVID-19 public health response.

David Belson  
Shinyi Wu  

Determining the impact of Covid-19 on the operation of rural California hospital clinics by a survey of Critical Access Hospitals for the California Hospital Association.

Daniel Bennett  

Evaluating the Impact of COVID-19 on Labor Market, Social, and Mental Health Outcomes.

Devon Brooks  

Enhancing Healthcare Professional Competence and Responsiveness to Culturally-Diverse and Vulnerable Populations During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jeremy Burke  

The Immediate Impacts of Coronavirus on American’s Economic Security

Kayla de la Haye  
Wandi Bruine de Bruin  

Tracking COVID-19 Impacts on Food Access, Diet, and Hunger via the Understanding America Survey.

Matt Delventhal  
Eunjee Kwon  
Andrii Parkhomenko  

Studying how a long-term shift toward working from home could change the spatial and economic structure of our cities. Link to the paper.

Genevieve Dunton  
Shirlene Wang  
Bridgette Do  
Amy Nguyen  

Studying the effects of the COVID-19 on physical activity and mental health in US adults with online and smartphone-based surveys. Link to papers here and here.

Bruce Elliot  
Trevor Lane  
Jason Solema  

A study of essential workers and their motivation to stay on the frontlines of COVID-19.

Laura Ferguson  

COVID-19 and the Continuity of Health Services in Kenya: A Multidisciplinary Exploration of the Potential Role of Self-Care Interventions and Community Health Workers

Emilio Ferrara  

Tracking COVID-19 on online platforms to study complex communication phenomena including misinformation, fear, and social dynamics. Also tracking the implications of the outbreak on the 2020 US Presidential election.

Carolin Fleischmann  
Peter Cardon  
Jolanta Aritz  

Researching the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on global virtual team collaboration.

Ali Gholamrezanezhad  
Aidin Abedi  
Bhushan Desai  
Catherine Song  

Investigating the impact of the COVID-19 on radiologists working in various settings.

Ali Gholamrezanezhad  
Bhushan Desai  
Aidin Abedi  
Anjali Doshi  
Veronica Frank  
Catherine Song  

Investigating the impact of the COVID-19 on medical students in the US and Europe.

Ali Gholamrezanezhad  
Sana Salehi
Sravanthi Reddy  
Aidin Abedi
Jung Hwan Um

Working on identifying the CT characteristics of viral pneumonia and defining the disease progression or clinical improvement.

Yijia Guo  

Examining Chinese practitioners’ communication and identity challenges in long-distance work during the quarantine time in Coronavirus.

Yijia Guo  

Investigating how corporate executive communication frames Coronavirus and how their communication impacts employees’ organizational identity.

Assal Habibi  
Jonas Kaplan  
Sarah Hennessy  
Matt Sachs  

Interested in understanding how music can help alleviate mood and help emotion regulation during the self-isolation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more here.

Daniel Hackman  
Ferol Mennen  
Joshua Millstein  
Daniel Weisenberger  

Vulnerability to the psychosocial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic: The role of child maltreatment and DNA methylation

John Heidemann  
Xiao Song
Yuri Pradkin

Using Internet scanning data to evaluate how Internet use is changing as millions study and work-from-home in response to COVID-19.

Benjamin Henwood  

Comparative Effectiveness of Single-Site and Scattered-Site Permanent Supportive Housing on Patient-Centered and COVID-19 Related Outcomes for People Experiencing Homelessness. Learn more here.

Michael Hochman  

COVID-19 – Independent Medical Education Grant

Adrian Huerta  

COVID-19 Rapid Response to Men of Color programs.

Jill Johnston  

Considering COVID-19 in an Urban Environmental Justice Community Cohort: Impacts, Reslience and Stressors.

Gabriel Kahn  
George Constantinou  
Jiao Sun  

Collecting data with Crosstown ( on everything from crime patterns to traffic and air quality to tell journalistic stories about how Los Angeles is adapting during the shutdown.

Elsi Kaiser
Jennifer Unger  

Effects of psycholinguistic variations on persuasiveness of COVID-19 health messages.

Irene Kang  

COVID-19: Home blood draws for metastatic breast cancer patients on oral therapies.

Arie Kapteyn  
Jill Darling  
Tania Gutsche  
Kyla Thomas  

The Understanding Coronavirus in America project has been tracking the effects of the pandemic since March 10 in the form of about 3000 daily updated graphs; longitudinal microdata on about 7000 nationally representative respondents are available for free download; one can also add questions to the bi-weekly surveys.

Michael Kasperkiewicz  

Evaluation of patients with autoimmune bullous diseases for symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19

Vsevolod Katritch  

Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Induced Pulmonary Distress by Stimulating the Protective Arm of Angiotensin System

Ian Kim  
Thomas W. Valente  

COVID-19 Information Diffusion in Online Social Networks. Link to the paper.

Andrea Kovacs  
Olivier Pernet  
Toni Frederick  
Eva Operskalski  
Allison Bearden
Lashonda Spender  
James Homans  
Mikhaela Cielo  
Alice Stek  

Evaluating viral dynamics, immunologic and host risk and protective factors, transmission characteristics within family groups and social networks, impact on socioeconomic factors, and stress and stigma related impacts among Natural History Study of HIV infected women and their families at the MCA Clinic.

Jinkook Lee  

Harmonized Diagnostic Assessment of Dementia (DAD) for Longitudinal Aging Study in India: Administrative Supplement to survey on COVID-19.

May Lee  

Compassionate Care in COVID-19.

Michelle Levander  

2020 Facebook Journalism Project COVID-19.

Roman Liera  

Doctoral Students of Color and the Racialized Faculty Job Market amid COVID-19

Yan Liu  

Misinformation detection on social media; Monitor and forecast COVID-19 spread.

Wendy Mack  

Preventing Child Maltreatment During COVID-19 Using On-line Evidence-based Parenting Interventions

Anuja Majmundar  
Jon-Patrick Allem  
Tess Boley Cruz  
Jennifer B. Unger  

Misinformation at the intersection of COVID-19 and vaping on social media.

Gayla Margolin  

Leveraging biobehavioral sensing and ecological momentary assessment to assess the wellbeing of medical residents during the COVID-19 crisis

Sarah Mawhorter  
Meagan Ehlenz  

Studying the timing and process of university residence hall closures in response to COVID-19.

Daniella Meeker  

Rapid Response Data for Discoveries: COVID-19 Clinical data Collection to Promote Better Outcomes

Daniella Meeker  

The Role of Telehealth in COVID-19 Response

Daniella Meeker  

Novel, High-Impact Studies Evaluating Health System and Healthcare Professional Responsiveness to COVID-19

Najmedin Meshkati  

Systematic Analysis of Digital Healthcare Impact on Patient Safety in the COVID-19 Era

Jelena Mirkovic  

Conducting research, with University of Oregon and Colorado State University, on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home policies on network traffic.

Leonard Mitchell  

COVID-19 Regional Recovery, Resiliency, and Stabilization

Dowell Myers  

Social Distancing in Overcrowded Housing, Dense Neighborhoods and Transit Use: Vulnerability to Coronavirus in Los Angeles

Shrikanth Narayanan  
Kristina Lerman  
Emilio Ferrara  
Gayla Margolin  
Eric Hsieh  

The health and wellbeing of the health care professionals during the COVID-19 crisis: A multidisciplinary focus combining human-centric AI and biobehavioral sensing

Loc H. Nguyen  

Calculating the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on child abuse and neglect in the U.S.

Assad Oberai  
Ali Gholamrezanezhad  
Vinay Duddalwar  
Steven Yong Cen  
Bino Varghese  
Bhushan Desai  

Identifying radiomic and/or integrative (imaging, radiomic, clinical, lab) markers of prognosis and risk stratification in COVID 19 + patients.

Bonnie Olsen  

Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program COVID

Lawrence Palinkas  

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on TSOS and Trauma Center Providers.

Lawrence Palinkas  

Research Project 1:Survey of State Child Mental Health Policymakers’ Response to COVID-19.

Manuel Pastor  

Op Ed published on Medium, entitled, “Coping with the Crisis: Immigrant Families Face “el Coronavirus’ and the Broken System That Has Left Them So Vulnerable.”

Manuel Pastor  

Roadmap to Recovery: Data, Analysis, and Policy to Inform Local Action to Address Los Angeles County’s Most Vulnerable Populations in Light of COVID-19.

Trenton Place  
Lynda McGinnis  
Ali Ahmady  

Determine presence of COVID-19 in male and female reproductive tract and impact on fertility.

Adam Rose  

Center of Excellence for Accelerating Operational Efficiency (CAOE): Coronavirus Impacts on US Economy

Lauren Salminen  
William Gauderman  
Paul Thompson  
JC Chen  

Determine the interactive role of environmental stressors (air pollution, psychosocial adversity, etc.) as premorbid predictors of infection and illness severity from COVID-19.

Stephen Sanko  

Assessment of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) event rates, bystander CPR, telecommunicator-assisted CPR, GIS mapping of pre-hospital arrest events and ecology of social support in areas of high risk for OHCA.

Darby Saxbe  

Launched the USC Coronavirus, Health, Isolation, & Resilience in Pregnancy (CHIRP) to study stress and social support in currently-pregnant women and their partners.

Darby Saxbe  

Prenatal Social Connection and Disruption During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Effects on Maternal and Infant Health.

Stephanie Schwartz  
Lama Mourad

How could the COVID-19 Crisis affect international asylum norms. Op-ed in Lawfare (complete) and academic article (ongoing).

Beth Smith  
Judy Zhou  

Reaching out to pregnant women and new moms interested in sharing their experiences related to COVID-19 through an online survey.

Sze-Chuan Suen  

Using Road Traffic Data to Identify COVID-19 Priority Testing Locations in Southern California

Tianshu Sun  

Studying the impact of COVID19 on omni-channel retailing, digital transformation of firms, economic recovery of small businesses, and online learning.

Prawit Thainiyom  
Lauren Martinez  
Paula Swinford  
Oliver Tacto  

Examining perceptions and behaviors of the college students on well-being, positive mental health, safety, emergency preparedness, and transition to online learning during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US.

Sarah Townsend  

How Increased Online Learning in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic can Fuel Socioeconomic Inequality By Undermining Academic and Family Relationships

Dorian Traube  

Focusing on how to use technology to support child development interventions. Now that all child development intervention is occurring remotely, our best practice guidelines are the basis for the national response to virtual home visitation.

Jennifer Unger  
Wendy Mack  

Surveying people who tested positive for COVID-19 after they recover to assess the effect of their diagnosis and/or illness on their mental health and identify resilience factors.

Jennifer Unger  

COVID-related stress, resilience, and tobacco/cannabis use among Californians

Ajay Vaidya  

Dapagliflozin in Respiratory Failure in Patients With COVID-19

Helga Van-Herle  
Ajay Vaidya  
Peter Xu
Jena Pizula
Audry Chi

A retrospective and prospective clinical records review of patients with COVID-19 to determine cardiovascular outcomes and risk factors through the Department of Cardiology at LAC+USC and Keck Medical Center.

Yongxiang Wang  

Examine Chinese cities’ COVID-19 reopening plans as a window into governments’ economic and social priorities.

Jeff Watson  

Running a collaborative design experiment challenging the public to imagine how teleconferencing software like Zoom can support social connection and well-being through play. More info here:

Dmitri Williams  

RAPID: Natural experiments with online games: Support, impact and mitigation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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