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USC COVID-19 Tools & Resources

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Maria P. Aranda  
Iris Aguilar  

Examining the impact of COVID-19 on aging service agencies across Los Angeles County by conducting open-ended key informant interviews with directors and managers of these agencies.

Andrea Armani  

EAGER: COVID-19 Modular Disinfection System based on Ultraviolet Irradiation.

François Bar  

Piloting a grassroots campaign with a community partner to co-design and deploy handwashing stations on Skid Row. Details at handwashing.

Wandi Bruine de Bruin  

Advisory Services for Covid-19 Response Efforts

Richard Dang  

Appointed Chair of of the COVID-19 Taskforce for the California Pharmacists Association with the charge to respond to the coronavirus situation and its impact on the profession of pharmacy and patient care services in California.

Children’s Data Network

The USC Children’s Data Network is honored to have played a significant role in the rapid development and operation of, a searchable, web-based interface that connects essential workers across the state of California to quickly find timely, accurate information about the availability of local, licensed child care slots. Learn more here.

Dominique Duncan  

Developing a multimodal COVID-19 data archive (COVID-ARC).

Dominique Duncan  

RAPID: COVID-ARC (COVID-19 Data Archive) Research Experience for Teachers Supplement

Juan Espinoza  
Kelly Crown
Omkar Kulkarni
James Dickhoner

Developed a chatbot on the CHLA website for patients to check their own symptoms and advise on whether they should come in for a scheduled appointment or convert appointment to a phone or telehealth visit.

Mehdi Ghayoumi  

Creating an app about COVID-19 to provide info and estimate probability of COVID-19 symptoms.

Ali Gholamrezanezhad  
Vinay Duddalwar  
Bhushan Desai
Bino Varghese  
Darryl Hwang  
Steven Yong Cen  

Creating a COVID-19 imaging data repository.

Kyle Hurth  
Sue Ellen Martin  

The USC Immunohistochemistry Laboratory has the ability to offer interested researchers the ability to perform RNA scope in-situ hybridization (ISH) testing of tissue for a variety of COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 and related human targets.

Gabriel Kahn  

CLEF COVID-19 Response Fund Application

Robinder Khemani  
Christopher Newth  
Randall Wetzel  
Juan Espinoza  

Developed E-ventilator, a decision support system to help manage mechanical ventilators, implementing evidence based protocols validated in adults with ARDS.

Mitul Luhar  
Christoph Efstathiou

Developing 3-D printed prototypes for test swab.

Jonathan May  
Shri Narayanan  
Emilio Ferrara  
Ulf Hermjakob  

Detecting active situations and needs reported in social media across the globe in many languages for first responders and decision makers to quickly identify hot spots and better allocate resources.

Antonio Ortega  
Benjamin Girault  

Working with an international team to develop and deploy open CoronaSurveys and related analytical tools to track the evolution of confirmed and suspected cases over time.

Manuel Pastor  
Justin Scoggins  

COVID-19 and the Crisis: Vulnerabilities in Los Angeles is an analysis and slide deck created for community partners to demonstrate how certain vulnerable populations in Los Angeles are particularly threatened.

Manuel Pastor  

Roadmap to Recovery: Collaborating with UCLA Luskin to lift up issues of vulnerable communities and prepare a roadmap that leaders can use to ensure populations and communities in Los Angeles County most impacted by COVID-19 are not left behind.

Minnie Prince

CPB – COVID 19 Stabilization Funds

Jay Pujara  
Kristina Lerman  
Fred Morstatter  
Xiang Ren  

AI models for scoring scientific research on COVID-19 based on reliability and impact.

Jay Pujara  
Gerard Hoberg  
Craig Knoblock  

RAPID: Supply Chain Portal to Serve Entrepreneurs Producing Critical Items in Response to COVID-19 (SupCovid).

Richard Roberts  

Protein Production to Support COVID-19 Research at USC

Andrzej Rutkowski  

An ongoing archive of Twitter data associated with the coronavirus as well as resources to help you use it for research. Link to site.

Amy Ryan  

Providing a variety of lung cells (adult, fetal, stem) to study effects of virus.

Neeraj Sood  

COVID-19 Digital Contact Tracing and Sensing Tools for Health Departments: Development, Implementation, and Ethics Research

Pedro Szekely  
Jay Pujara  
Hans Chalupsky  
Filip Ilievski  

Knowledge graph of coronavirus scientific literature, including entity, relation and event annotations extracted using machine reading software and augmentation from various bioinformatics databases.

Matthew Wiepking  
Jonathan Chow
Michael T. McCurdy

Entering clinical data into The University of Maryland School of Medicine’s IRB-approved multi-center registry examining the use of vasopressors in COVID-19 associated shock. Additional details found here.

Bassam Yaghmour  
George Yaghmour  
Tarek Khedro  
Giridharan Ramsingh

Review article providing an extensive summary of most recent reports and studies since the initial outbreak and the most up-to-date understanding of of COVID-19 for the American Journal of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology.