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Starting a New Proposal in Cayuse SP


How to Start a New Proposal Record

Step 1: From within Cayuse SP, click on the “Products” drop-down menu and click Sponsored Projects.

Step 2: Click “Start New Proposal”.






If the Proposal is New
When the pop-up window appears, select “This proposal is not related to any existing proposals or awards (Create New Project)”. Enter the title for your project and click “Create New Project”. The title of the project is not the same as the proposal title.

It should contain:

Example: 7/1/2021, Faculty, Frances, NIH, The Science of…

NOTE: The short title of the project that is entered here is not editable once finalized.

If the Proposal is NOT New
If the proposal type is anything other than “New” or “Pre-Proposal” (Ex. Resubmission, Renewal, Revision Continuation, Supplement etc.), when the pop-up window appears, select “This proposal is related to existing proposals or awards (Add Proposal to Project)”.

You will need to select the previous proposal or award record that this current proposal you are about to create is connected to from the dropdown.

Note: DCG recommends first utilizing the SP Dashboard to locate the previous proposal or award and notate the Cayuse proposal number/award number. This will help to ensure that the correct record is selected when viewing the various choices on the dropdown. 

Once, the correct previous proposal/award has been selected, click “Add New Proposal to Project”. 

Step 3: The proposal form will display on the screen. The form contains a number of sections. Each section must be completed in order to route the proposal for review and approval. You can complete each section in whichever order you choose.













Note that the numbers in the red circles next to the section header indicate the number of mandatory fields within the section. Red circles with exclamation marks (!) indicate that there are no mandatory fields, but users are required to view and complete the relevant fields within the section. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*) or a red bar along the side of the field.

All mandatory fields must be completed before the proposal can be routed for review!