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California Tobacco Control Program – CG 19-10090: Finishing The Fight: Statewide Coordinating Center for Community Engagement and Organizing

Slots:                                                     1             

Internal Deadline:                           Contact the Office of Research if interested.

LOI:                                                        May 8, 2019, 5:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)          

External Deadline:                          June 12, 2019 – 5:00 PM

Award Information:                        Type:  Grant

Estimated Number of Awards: 1

Anticipated Amount: The total amount of funding available is up to


Submission Process:                     PIs must submit their application as a Limited Submission through the Office of Research Application Portal:


Materials to submit:


Link to Award:                        

Who May Serve as PI:                    Applicants claiming private non-profit status must submit proof of their non-profit status with their proposal. Either certification from the State of California, Office of the Secretary of State, or a letter from the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) classifying the agency as a non-profit agency is acceptable proof.

                                                                Each application passing Stage One: Administrative and Completeness Screening, will be evaluated and scored according to the selection criteria by a review committee on a scale of zero to 100 points. The review committee may include representatives of the California Department of Public Health, other state agencies, and non-scoring subject matter experts. To be eligible for funding, an application must receive a score of 75 points or more. However, scoring 75 points or more does not guarantee funding or funding at the level requested. CTCP reserves the right to not fund any of the applications received for this RFA. Funding decisions may also be made to ensure:



The purpose of this Request for Applications (RFA) is to fund one (1) grant that will plan, develop, implement, and disseminate resources to facilitate community engagement and organizing among local tobacco control stakeholders, gatekeepers, and decision makers that may accelerate and influence the development and adoption of tobacco control-related policy and system changes. Community engagement and organizing activities are expected to support implementation of evidence-based and promising policies and practices that promote community-norm change strategies to create healthy sustainable communities that dissuade or eliminate tobacco use. The funded project is expected to apply the most current research findings to prevent and reduce tobacco use and promote innovative population-based approaches to reduce the number of persons beginning to use tobacco, continuing to use tobacco, or developing tobacco-related diseases.

The beneficiaries of activities funded by this RFA are persons and groups at high-risk of tobacco use and secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure, and the local public health community of California, which includes, but is not limited to: local health departments, cities, counties, planning agencies, local government officials, local policymakers, schools, voluntary health organizations, hospitals, professional organizations, and community-based organizations working with persons and groups at high risk of tobacco use and SHS exposure

The solicitation process is to identify an agency whose background, qualifications, and proposed project best address the goals detailed in the RFA.

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