University of Southern California


Early Termination / Closeout

In certain instances, a project may be terminated prior to the original expiration date. Possible reasons for early termination include:

Award agreements typically include a clause for how an early termination situation will be handled, so individual awards should be reviewed for specific guidance.

Generally, sponsor-initiated notices will be sent to DCG, in which case DCG will inform the PI. When the PI either wants to initiate an early termination or receives an early termination request from the sponsor, the PI should contact DCG and provide the required documentation noted below. In the latter case, the sponsor’s notice should be provided to DCG.

: In the event of early termination, all required reports (e.g., financial, technical, property and patent), must still be provided to the sponsor. Lead Units should also be mindful of whether an early termination may negatively impact the sponsor’s willingness or contractual requirement to make final payment on outstanding invoices.

Documentation Required –
 All requests must include (1) the requested effective date of early termination or close out; and (2) the reason for requesting early termination, if initiated by the PI, or the sponsor’s notice of termination, if initiated by the sponsor.

Approvals Required – 
(1) Principal Investigator; and (2) Dept. Chair/Unit Head or designee. Sponsor approval is almost always required; please consult the award terms and conditions.