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Export Control

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It is the responsibility of the PI to identify any items, technology, or activities that might implicate federal export control regulations. USC’s policy on International Collaborations and Export Controls can be viewed at For more information about research and export controls, please see the Office of Culture, Ethics and Compliance website at

The Export Control section of the Proposal Record contains the below questions regarding federal export control regulations.

Will there be any international travel undertaken as part of this research?

If “Yes” is selected, the additional prompt appears:

Is the international travel identified in the Budget?

If “No” is selected, the additional information is required: 

Will the research result in the export of information, equipment, materials, software or technology to another country? 

If “Yes” is selected, the additional information is required: 

Has the sponsor indicated that it will require prior approval on publications, that the project will be export controlled, or that it will restrict the participation of foreign nationals? 

If “Yes” is selected, the additional text appears:

The Principal Investigator must obtain approval to conduct research with publication and/or personnel restrictions from the Vice President of Research. See or contact the Office of Culture, Ethics, and Compliance for additional guidance.”

Does the research involve encryption, military (ITAR) and/or space technology (e.g. satellites, explosives, military training, military vessels, vessels, and equipment)? 

Does the proposed research involve access to export-controlled information or technology such as government or third party confidential information identified as export restricted?

If “Yes” is selected, the additional information is required: