University of Southern California


FAPESP – Previous Recipients


“Evaluation of Aspect-oriented Compilation and Synthesis for Heterogeneous FPGA-based High-Performance Computing”
Pedro Diniz, Engineering -Information Sciences Institute, Viterbi School of Engineering

“Integrated transcriptome and methylome analysis of undifferentiated and differentiated Brazilian pluripotent cell lines”
Peter Laird, Director of USC Epigenome Center, Keck School of Medicine

“Collaborative Effort to Determine the Molecular Bases of the Blood Pressure Lowering Effects of the Incretin Hormone GLP-1”
Alicia McDonough, Cell and Neurobilogy Department, Keck School of Medicine


“Functional ethological investigations into the role of discrete regions of the lateral hypothalamic area implicated by their neuronal connections in the control of defensive behaviors”
Joel Hahn, Neurobiology, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

“Comparative Metropolitan Development: Los Angeles and Sao Paulo”
Eric Heikkila, So Price School of Public Policy

“Technical and Scientific Echange for the creation of a virtual craniofacial team to support clinicians in remote regions lacking experience with craniofacial care.”
Jose C. D. Polido, Pediatrics/Childrens Hospital, Keck School of Medicine

“Intercenter comparison of different maxillary expansion modalities in patients with complete cleft lip and palate.”
Stephen Yen, Endodontic, OMS & Orthodontics, Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC