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Priority Software FBS

Priority Software FBS supports reservation, tracking, billing and payment for services and goods supplied by core labs and other research recharge centers. Once users are set up, any core-related charges for products and services can be tracked, reviewed, billed and paid by using Priority Software FBS on the web.

Login to FBS:

For questions related to login error and/or maintenance of the system, please email:
All invoice/equipment questions are to be directed to the core facility. See list of core facility and their contacts in link below.

List of core facilities using FBS:

Important FBS User Instructions on Use of Accounts

Principal investigators are responsible for providing valid account numbers to core lab managers when requesting services.   Please be sure that the account number meets all of these criteria:

Note for those awaiting awards

If you have received indication that an award will be made, but it has not arrived, please contact your school for advance funding.  With school permission, you may incur costs both for a new award and when you are awaiting a renewal.

Cores  (including vivaria housing) are unable to provide services in the absence of a valid account with adequate and allowable funding.  


It is not acceptable to select accounts arbitrarily, by end dates, or amounts of funds remaining.

In the event that an expense is not allowable, you will be notified of your obligation to transfer funds to an account for which the expense is allowable.

Please note that your dean will be notified when an account is over-spent, and a mandated transfer is not executed, as it will become the school’s obligation to satisfy the over-draft.

Quick Guides
Operators (Core Managers/Associates)
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Attach Training SKU with Time SKU
Calendar Popup Instructions
Manage SKU – Prime and Non-Prime Rates
Rate Codes
Scheduling Relationships (related to social distancing)

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Add an External User (iVIP Access)
Add External User (non-iVIP Access)
Add Lab to Facility
Edit Lab Rate Codes
Remove Lab from Facility
Make a Reservation for the PI
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Add Payment to an External Invoice
Edit a Submitted Invoice / Refund
Invoice Process from eLog
Invoice Time SKU’s
Order Upload
Ordering Tab – Multiple Items on a Single Order
Process Orders from Ordering Tab to eLog
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Principal Investigator (PI/Owner of the account in KFS)
Adding a Lab Member
Grant Account Access
Make a Reservation
Verify Lab Members

Lab Members/Users (lab assistants/students/postdocs)
Make a Reservation

SBO/Accountants (those managing an entire department and its accounts)
View Invoices