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Financial Projection System (FiPS) and TARA Reports

Financial Projection System (FiPS)  is a tool residing within TARA for investigators, departments, centers, and schools to create financial cost projections for one or more of their accounts.  When fully complete in 2014, FiPS will enable users to query data from USC’s Enterprise Data Warehouse, combine it with projected payroll and spending details, and/or apply formulas to the existing data. From the existing and projected data or formulas, users can generate summary reports and calculations for analysis.

TARA Reports (accessible from the TARA portal) enables investigators, departments and schools to generate reports on their research activity, tracking awards, proposals, expenditures and remaining funds.

To access Quick FiPS (the phase 1 version of FiPS), go to the TARA portal, log in,  and click on “My Accounts” under “Financial Projections”.

Quick FiPS Help Guide
TARA Reporting Guidebook

Login to FiPS here:

For any questions regarding USC TARA log ins, searches, please contact the TARA help desk at or call 213-740-5857. For any other TARA-related questions, call 213-821-5461.