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FOA-CEO-16-01: Department of Labor Research and Evaluation (LRE) grants

Slots:                                                    1   
LOI:                                                         Applicants must include appropriate letters of commitment for key personnel identified in the project narrative not employed by the lead applicant. If an applicant is gaining access to restricted data for use in their proposed project, the applicant must include a letter from the appropriate organization stating that the applicant has approved access to the data for the research proposed in the application.
Internal Deadline:                               September 2, 2016, 5pm PDT
External Deadline:                              October 3, 2016, 11:59pm CST
Award Information:                       
Type:  Grant
Estimated Number of Awards: 10
Anticipated Amount: $250,000 maximum per award

Cost Sharing:                               This program does not require cost sharing or matching funds.

Submission Process:                  PIs must submit their application as a Limited Submission through the Office of Research Application Portal:

Materials to submit:

Link to Award:                         FOA-CEO-16-01 DOL Research and Evaluation Grants

The LRE grants are for a single researcher or group of researchers to analyze a topic that has direct implications for DOL programs, the labor force and the American worker. Researchers from multiple institutions may apply for a single LRE grant; however, a lead institution must be designated as the legal applicant. Applicants are encouraged to propose innovative and relevant projects for LRE grants. Examples of potential projects for the LRE grants include:

Studies on targeting resources to achieve best results

Evaluating the effects of targeting systems and enforcement in worker protection agencies (e.g., OSHA, Wage and Hour, MSHA, Employee Health and Pension, Federal Contract Compliance).

Studies on the changing industry structure and the nature of work and implications for programs

Analysis of the extent and effect of non-compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act and employer practices in the fissured workplace and emerging issues of the “on-demand” economy.

Studies on cross-program interactions and effects

Analysis of the association between and among programs—e.g., between workers’ compensation programs and OSHA programs; workers’ compensation and social security programs; OSHA and Wage and Hour programs.

 Studies on workers

Analysis of the effect of health and safety agency (e.g., OSHA, MSHA) programs or policies on outcomes for workers, employers and society.

Studies on regulatory and enforcement policies

Assessment of state labor policies and variations and implications for worker outcomes. Analysis of the impact of outreach policies and their interaction with enforcement efforts.

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