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Creativity and Collaboration in the Academy

USC is taking action, creating the culture, infrastructure and institutions to support creativity and collaboration:

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Randolph Hall
Vice President, Research

Innovation in How Universities Do Research


Symposium: On December 3, USC held a symposium on creativity, collaboration and the enabling power of technology.

Workshops: A series of five meetings organized by the Norman Lear Center exploring the future of scholarship, with respect to: (1) Networked Science, (2) Digital Arts and Humanities, (3) Social Science Research, and Effects of Technology on Collaboration, (4) Engineering and Technology to Support Collaboration, and (5) Collaboration in the Health Sciences.

University Research Committee: Reviewing how our practices and procedures should be adapted to enliven and reward innovation in the conduct of research, including tenure and promotion, and digital scholarship. See the ucapt_2011_cover_memo.

Collaboration Fund: A program instituted by USC to support faculty who wish to organize research communities around interdisciplinary projects.

Clinical and Translational Science Institute: is part of a national consortium that is transforming health research, aiming to provide new treatments more efficiently and quickly to patients, through collaboration, interdisciplinary research and enabling technology.


Broadening the Agenda for Scholarship and Research

Technology has made:

This has made research fast, dynamic, collaborative and personalized, while challenging some of our academic traditions:

Given what technology offers, do our traditions stand in the way of our core mission of expanding knowledge and using that knowledge to benefit society? USC is exploring the future of:

To Join the Dialogue

We are looking for examples of innovation in how research is done, in any of the following areas:

Contact the Office of Research at or (213) 740-6709.