University of Southern California


Foreign Support and Collaboration

Researchers must disclose all sources of other support, domestic or foreign, as well as all foreign components to research projects.  For additional guidance and information, please visit

Do any research personnel participate in a foreign talent program?*

A foreign talent program is defined as any foreign state or state-affiliated university sponsored recruitment program that provides financial or in-kind support to researchers to conduct research on behalf of the foreign state or state-affiliated university.

Will any significant scientific element of this project occur outside the United States?*

If yes, identify all foreign components in the proposal.  For this purpose, “significant” includes collaborations with  investigators at a foreign entity that may result in co-authorship, use of facilities or instrumentation at a foreign site, and/or receipt of financial support or resources from a foreign entity.  

Do any research personnel receive any foreign support for their research efforts?*

Foreign support includes grant support, positions & scientific appointments at foreign institution, or other in-kind support (e.g. office/laboratory space, equipment, supplies, employees, & scientific materials).  Disclose all foreign support to the sponsor using the method it provides for disclosure of outside support (e.g. Current and Pending Support, Other Support). 

Do any research personnel receive any personal payments from a foreign institution, have a faculty appointment at a foreign institution, or are any research personnel performing research on behalf of a foreign institution (i.e. outside of a grant or contract through USC)?*

Research personnel must also complete a disclosure in diSClose ( 

Do any research personnel intend to collaborate with entities or individuals based or ordinarily resident in Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, or Sudan? If Yes, OCEC review is required prior to proposal submission.*