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USC Core Instrumentation Fund

The Core Instrumentation Fund supports acquisition of shared instrumentation that enables major research endeavors in the sciences, medicine and engineering. Example areas of interest include, but are not limited to: Microscopy, Genomics, Imaging and Biophysics. The fund is not intended for purchase of computers unless they are integrated with other types of instrumentation.

Who Should Apply to This Announcement
This announcement is for core laboratory directors, who would like to do any of the following:
Type A:   Request full funding, from the university, for acquisition of equipment
Type B:    Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis only for those seeking external funding where a match is required, and funding will not be needed until July of 2019 (e.g., NIH S10, NSF-MRI, DURIP).

2019 Call for Proposals

Core Instrumentation Fund RFP || 2018 USC PLAN FOR ST CORE FACILITIES

Application Deadlines:

Proposal Submission

Submit your proposal application utilizing the new Office of Research application submission and reporting portal.

Go to USC Application Portal to log in (or create an account for yourself), using your USC email address.

Important: You may experience problems with the online application if using the browser Internet Explorer. If you experience problems, it is advisable to access the application system through a different browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

For questions regarding the proposal submission process, please contact the Office of Research at ( or 213-821-8163).

Previous Recipients