University of Southern California


Grants Management Training FAQ

1. Why are we offering Grants Management Training for Faculty and why is it required?
The rules, regulations and requirements associated with managing sponsored projects have become increasingly complex. Over the past few years, federal funding of sponsored projects at USC has grown considerably. Not surprisingly, however, this increase in funding carries with it increased public and governmental scrutiny over the ways in which such funds are managed and demands for accountability on the part of those involved with sponsored research. USC is aware that the responsibilities of investigators and research administrators are rapidly evolving and that maintaining up to date knowledge in this critical area is difficult. In recognition of these obligations and opportunities, and as part of USC’s continuing desire to remain consistent with our peers in the institutional research community, the university has developed the Grants Management Education Program for Faculty and made it a requirement that all new USC faculty must fulfill.

2.Who is required to take the Grants Management Training for Faculty?
All new USC faculty must complete the Grants Management Training for Faculty course. Additionally, all current USC faculty who have not participated in Grants Management Training when it was previously hosted by the Office of Compliance are also required to take the course.

3. I am applying for a new award as the Principal Investigator. How long do I have to complete Grants Management Training for Faculty?
You have until the time your grant is awarded (if in fact it is) to complete the training. If the grant is awarded and you have not completed the course, you will not be granted access to new grant funds until you do. For this reason, we suggest that you complete the program as early as possible so that your access to grant funds will not be affected.

4. Do I have to make the Department of Contracts and Grants aware that I have completed one of the two courses?
No. The Department of Contracts and Grants is automatically informed when you have completed the training requirement.

5. How long is the course?
The course is approximately 2 hours in duration.

6. What are the technical requirements to take the course?

7. I have additional questions that this FAQs did not answer. What should I do?
Contact your DCG Officer or Contact Noah Congelliere (213) 740-7392.