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Grants Management Training for Staff

The Grants Management Training for Staff program is a two-course, online training module that is mandatory for all research administrators and other support staff who are seeking approval privileges on sponsored projects accounts.

Program Information

The Grants Management Training for Staff program is approximately 3 hours in duration and consists of two separate classes:

The Fundamentals of Research Administration
This introductory course will welcome you to the world of research administration at USC and will assist you in mastering key concepts necessary for effective management of sponsored projects. The course covers: the USC research environment and its principles; roles and responsibilities among the research community; general terms and policies associated with USC’s research and creative endeavors; and the lifecycle of a proposal and award.

And the Award Goes To…
This course will unlock the mystery of the award setup process and focus on post-award management issues. Discussion includes pre-award negotiations and actions such as revised budgets; the award acceptance process; project changes; rebudgeting; award administration policies; fulfilling project reporting obligations; and award closeout.

At the end of each class, you will be presented with a short quiz in which you need to score a 70% or higher to obtain completion credit.

Both of the above courses are part of a comprehensive training program, The Cardinal & Gold Curriculum. Upon completion of the above two classes, users will earn credit for two of the six required courses needed to earn a certificate in Research Administration. Participation in the C&G Curriculum is completely optional, but strongly encouraged.

How Do I Launch the Program?

1. Point your browser to the Trojan Learn portal and log in using your USC ID.
2. Click the Contracts and Grants link on the right side of the page.
3. Click on the Request button next to “Grants Management Training for Staff”. The program will be added to your Transcript.
4. From your Transcript, click Open Curriculum.
5. Click the Required for Completion tab (on the left side of your screen) and then click the Launch button to begin the course(s).

Please Note: Once you click “Launch”, the course may take a couple minutes to load.

Contact Information

For Technical Assistance
Contact: Trojan Learn Help Desk
Phone: (213) 740-8648

For Program Assistance
Contact: Noah Congelliere
Phone: (213) 740-7392

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