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Harry J. Lloyd Charitable Trust – Melanoma Research Grants

Slots:                                                     Three slots total; one per each sub-program. See “Award Information” below.

Internal Deadline:                           Contact Caryn Lerman at NCCC.

LOI:                                                        N/A

External Deadline:                          November 1, 2019, 11:59p.m. Central Standard Time

Award Information:                        Since 2004, The Harry J. Lloyd Charitable Trust granted 131 melanoma research grants totaling $16,609,123. 

The three grant categories include:

Budgetary Requirements:           The funding is considered a research grant, and The Harry J. Lloyd Charitable Trust funds cannot be applied to institutional overhead, indirect costs, or other organizational levies.

Submission Process:                     Contact Caryn Lerman at NCCC.

Link to Award:                        


In 2003, The Harry J. Lloyd Charitable Trust established a melanoma advisory committee to assist the seven trustees in identifying and reviewing melanoma research grant requests. In 16 years the trust has provided 131 melanoma research grants totaling more than $16 million.

Applications will be accepted for a broad range of melanoma research projects involving basic science, clinical trials, etc.

  1. An adequate discussion of biostatistics is required, including but not limited to specification of numbers of cell lines, laboratory animals, or patients to be treated in the studies.
  2. Plans for adjustment for multiple looks should be presented, particularly in regards to clinical endpoints and evaluation of multiple biomarkers.

Special consideration will be given in three areas: 1) emerging novel concepts that constitute significant innovation, 2) new investigators in the field of melanoma, and 3) prevention and early detection.

Because the Lloyd Trust board of trustees believes that all of life is infused with great value, the following ethical guidelines apply to all grants.

Visit our Institutionally Limited Submission webpage for updates and other announcements.